Joe Namath Quarterbacks New High Speed Internet in South Florida

OMGFast, a new high speed internet service, is now available in parts of South Florida, delivering speeds of 50 MBPs or higher, as fast as it gets for either fiber or coaxial broadband internet speeds. According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, OMGFast (which stands for Oh My Gosh, Fast) has quite the pair of celebrity endorsers already: Hall of Fame Jets quarterback Joe Namath and his daughter Jessica, both of whom call the small town of Jupiter, FL home.

OMGFast competes with larger internet service providers in the area by offering the highest speeds, but thus far the service is only available in a few parts of South Florida. The company is based in Pompano Beach and so far services Margate, Coral Springs, Tamarac, and some areas of West Boca Raton. OMGFast is not just an internet service provider, though; the company also operates the largest footprint for multichannel video and data distribution service in the country. OMGFast plans to continue to expand throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties throughout 2012 and 2013.

OMGFast is just the latest in a line of smaller companies attempting to get into the mix to take advantage of customer dissatisfaction with larger internet providers. The difficulty these smaller companies face is that they do not have a built-in infrastructure of fiber optic cables, as many cable television providers who got into the internet business and took it over already did. Companies like OMGFast must expand slowly in order to succeed. The cynic in an observer might also see these attempts as pushes to get acquired by larger companies for a start-up cashout. There are worse ways to make money than being bought out by your frightened competitor.

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