NFL Sunday Ticket on DIRECTV – Week 8 Schedule & Listings

Entering Week 8, a number of undefeated teams still remain. NFL action is picking up, and we’re starting to see how division races and wild card hopefuls are shaking out. But with plenty of action remaining, every game counts.

Read on to see the schedule and channel listings for every game available this Sunday with NFL Sunday Ticket, only available from DIRECTV:

  • 1pm EST:
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons – 705
    • Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears – 706
    • Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland Browns – 707
    • New York Giants at New Orleans Saints – 708
    • San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams – 709
    • San Diego Chargers at Baltimore Ravens – 710
    • Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans – 711
    • Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers – 712
  • 4pm EST:
    • New York Jets at Oakland Raiders – 713
    • Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys – 714

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NBA Opening Night on Cable TV

We’ve reached the end of October, which means the National Basketball Association is beginning its regular season. Many games will be broadcast nationally this year on network and cable TV, with broadcast partners TNT and ESPN/ABC showing many of the marquee matchups and NBATV filling in the blanks.

Tonight is Opening Night, with back-to-back games airing on TNT (DIRECTV channel 245). First, at 8pm EDT, the defending Eastern Conference champion Cleveland Cavaliers will face the rival Chicago Bulls in Chicago. Then, at 10:30pm EDT, the New Orleans Pelicans will visit the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors in the Bay Area.

There is plenty of interest in both of these games. Any game featuring Lebron James is going to get big ratings, and the Bulls have been a thorn in Lebron’s side since his days with the Miami Heat. Derrick Rose will be playing, Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol will be figuring out how to co-exist in the big frontcourt of the Bulls, and the Bulls will be trying out a new offensive focus under rookie Head Coach Fred Hoiberg. The Cavs, on the other hand, return the major pieces from last year, and are still trying to make them all fit together.

When it comes to the second game of the night, the defending champs playing at home and raising their banner give plenty of reason to watch, but don’t underrated the Pelicans, and their burgeoning star Anthony Davis, the most exciting player to hit the league since Kevin Durant (or maybe even longer).

It’s a long season, and in the middle surely it will become a slog, but it’s the first night of pro basketball in several months, so enjoy these two great matchups.

NFL Week 7 Schedule – NFL Sunday Ticket Only on DIRECTV

It was another big week in the NFL. The winless Lions finally got off the snide, beating the division rival Bears in overtime. The Broncos remained undefeated despite a bad game from Peyton Manning, also prevailing in overtime. The early season disappointment Eagles got back to .500 and a tie for the lead in their division, putting them in a great position for the second two-thirds of the season. The Bengals, Patriots, Packers and Panthers also remain undefeated, nearly halfway through the 2015 campaign. The Falcons, on the other hand, fell from the ranks of the perfect.

This week, we’ve got plenty more great matchups, available anywhere in the nation, but only with NFL Sunday Ticket from DIRECTV, the only place to get every game, every Sunday. Here’s the schedule, including the DIRECTV channel for each Sunday Ticket game:

  • 1pm EDT
    • Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions – 705
    • New Orleans Saints at Indianapolis Colts – 706
    • Atlanta Falcons at Tennessee Titans – 707
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins – 708
    • Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs – 709
    • Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins – 710
    • New York Jets at New England Patriots – 711
    • Cleveland Browns at St. Louis Rams – 712
  • 4:05pm EDT
    • Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers – 713
  • 4:25pm EDT
    • Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants – 714

As always, enjoy the games, and contact Mid-America Satellite to get NFL Sunday Ticket if you don’t have it already.

When it Comes to Ratings, NFL Football is Still King

If you have any doubt that the National Football League has replaced Major League Baseball as the pastime of choice for American sports fans, this should clear it up for you: despite the fact that the Chicago Cubs are playing October baseball for the first time in a long time, and competing to end a more than century-long World Series drought, the ratings are still higher in the city of Chicago for a middling Chicago Bears team that’s really only competing not to wind up in the basement of the league come winter.

According to the Sherman Report:

Through five regular-season games, the Bears are averaging a 23.6 rating in Chicago; 1 local ratings point is worth an estimated 35,000 homes. Meanwhile, the Cubs’ five postseason games generated a 19.4 rating on TBS.

A couple of factors come into play. TBS is a cable station that is seen in 86 percent of the nation’s homes. All five Bears games have aired on network television on Fox and CBS. Typically, cable ratings are 10-15 percent lower than the network’s.

However, the counter is that all five Bears games were played on Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile, two of the Cubs’ playoffs aired completely in primetime, and two others had finishes that pushed into primetime. Ratings usually are higher in primetime than during the afternoon.

Beyond that, Monday Night Football has consistently outdrawn playoff baseball, even when combining multiple contests played between the Cubs and Cardinals and the Mets and Dodgers, with a Pittsburgh Steelers-San Diego Chargers game dwarfing the ratings of baseball games involving the nation’s three largest markets.

For more news on sports and cable ratings, stay tuned to the TV, Internet and Phone Blog.

NFL Sunday Ticket on DIRECTV – Week 6 Schedule

With the fifth week of regular season play in the books for the National Football League, six undefeated teams remain. The Packers, Falcons, Broncos, and Bengals all stand at 5-0, and the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots, who’ve already had their bye weeks, stand at 4-0. Will any of these perfect teams fall this week? And who would have thought through five weeks of the season that the only winless team would be the Detroit Lions?

There are some good matchups this week. Can the Lions get off the snide against the division rival Chicago Bears? Will the Patriots stay perfect against the Colts, and the Bengals against the Bills? There’s only one way to see every game, every Sunday: NFL Sunday Ticket from DIRECTV.

Here’s the listings for this week’s games:

  • 1pm EDT
    • Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills – 705
    • Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns – 706
    • Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars – 707
    • Kansas City Chiefs at Minnesota Vikings – 708
    • Miami Dolphins at Tennessee Titans – 709
    • Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions – 710
    • Washington Redskins at New York Jets – 711
    • Arizona Cardinals at Pittsburgh Steelers – 712
  • 4:05pm EDT
    • Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks
    • San Diego Chargers at Green Bay Packers
    • Baltimore Ravens at San Francisco 49ers

As always, enjoy the games and if you don’t have NFL Sunday Ticket, contact Mid-America Satellite to get started today!

Fewer Viewers Signing Up for Cable TV

Cable and satellite television providers like Charter Communications and DIRECTV are already worried about current customers leaving by “cutting the cord” and cancelling their services to opt for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. But according to a new Forrester Research survey cited by the Wall Street Journal, there is another group that companies like Charter and DIRECTV should worry about: the 18% of the US population that has never signed up for cable TV. This includes a number of viewers between 18 and 31 that is higher than the number of people who are cutting the cord on their satellite TV and cable services.

More from BGR:

Going forward, it’s not outlandish to assume that this dynamic will only become more pronounced as services like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and Amazon continue to double down on original content. What’s more, once Apple gets into the mix with its own TV subscription service — rumored to be launching in 2016 — the situation may quickly become dire for cable companies. Remember, Apple is reportedly trying to secure a $40 pricepoint for its own subscription service, a price that’s far lower than most cable packages out there.

Looking out even further ahead, the Forrester study anticipates that only 50% of all TV viewers by 2025 will consume content via traditional cable TV.

What does this mean for cable and satellite TV companies? It means that not only do they have to convince current customers to stay, they need to work to gain new subscribers among the younger generation that have grown up alongside streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Can they keep up? Only time will tell.

NFL Sunday Ticket on DIRECTV – Week 5 Schedule

The National Football League season is progressing along, not quite as planned for many NFL teams. The previously unbeaten Arizona Cardinals lost a nailbiter to the St. Louis Rams, while the Seattle Seahawks eked out yet another controversial Monday Night Football victory. There are plenty of great matchups this week, including the aforementioned Seahawks taking on the still unbeaten Cincinnati Bengals, the upstart Rams taking on the Green Bay Packers, and more.

Here is the entire NFL Sunday Ticket schedule for Week 5, only available with DIRECTV:

  • 1pm EDT
    • Washington Redskins at Atlanta Falcons – 705
    • Seattle Seahawks at Cincinnati Bengals – 706
    • Chicago Bears at Kansas City Chiefs – 707
    • New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles – 708
    • Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens – 709
    • Louis Rams at Green Bay Packers – 710
    • Jacksonville Jaguars at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 711
    • Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans – 712
  • 4:05 EDT
    • Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions – 713
  • 4:25 EDT
    • New England Patriots at Dallas Cowboys – 714
    • Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders – 715

As always, if you don’t have Sunday Ticket and want to get every game, every Sunday, contact Mid-America Satellite.