NFL Sunday Ticket Week 12 Schedule: Only on DIRECTV

The season is making its way to the home stretch, with the final Sunday of games before December airing this Sunday. The only way to watch every game, every Sunday is with NFL Sunday Ticket, only available from DIRECTV. There are a few important matchups this week, with the Giants and Redskins meeting to see who can remain atop the NFC East, the Bills and Chiefs fighting for a wild card spot in the AFC, and the Vikings and Falcons doing the same in the NFC.

Here’s the schedule and Sunday Ticket channel listings for the games this Sunday:

  • 1pm EST
    • Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons – 705
    • Louis Rams at Cincinnati Bengals – 706
    • New Orleans SaInts at Houston Texans – 707
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Indianapolis Colts – 708
    • New York Giants at Washington Redskins – 709
    • San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars – 710
    • Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs – 711
    • Miami Dolphins at New York Jets – 712
    • Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans – 713
  • 4pm EST
    • Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers – 714
  • 4:25pm EST
    • Pittsburgh Steelers at Seattle Seahawks – 715

Enjoy the games, and remember, if you don’t already have Sunday Ticket but want to see every game, every Sunday, contact Mid-America Satellite.

Cable TV Networks Profit from Holiday Movies

This year, the Hallmark Channel and its Hallmark Movies spinoff are combining to show 21 original holiday-themed movies, up from just 13 original holiday movies five years ago. In addition, Lifetime has seven holiday movies of its own, and plenty of previously aired holiday movies will make the rounds on these and other channels between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why the explosion of holiday movies?

According to the LA Times:

These holiday movies are proliferating because they’re cheap to produce, generate strong ratings and lots of advertising revenue for the television networks. Hallmark parent Crown Media Holdings credited its holiday programming for helping to spur an 11% increase in advertising revenue last year to $328 million.

November and December are key months for advertisers that want to get in front of consumers in festive moods. Advertisers spent $13.8 billion on television spots during November and December last year, comprising 18% of all ad dollars spent in 2014, according to ad-tracking firm Kantar Media.

“Advertisers are attracted to eyeballs,” said Jason Maltby, head TV buyer at the prominent advertising agency Mindshare. “There’s the added benefit that holiday programming tends to be upbeat and positive, and you’re always looking to put your brand message in an environment that makes people feel good.”

Nothing gets TV networks in the Holiday Spirit like advertising dollars, and because TV movies such as these come with a built-in audience who knows what to expect, they don’t have to spend that much money to produce them. Black Friday isn’t just good for retailers this year: it’s good for niche cable TV networks as well, ringing in the season that keeps the registers ringing too.

NFL Sunday Ticket: Only on DIRECTV – Week 11 Schedule

The mighty continue to fall, with the Bengals losing this past week to bring the count of undefeated teams to just two: the New England Patriots looking to run the table in the AFC, and the Carolina Panthers (and Cam Newton’s controversial dancing) atop the NFC. This week brings a few important matchups—particularly interesting is the battle in the early slot on Sunday between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings for the lead in the NFC North, a division a couple of weeks ago it looked like the formerly undefeated Packers had going away.

The only way to catch every game, every Sunday is with DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. Here’s the schedule, with channel listings, for Sunday’s games:

  • 1pm EST
    • Indianapolis Colts at Atlanta Falcons – 705
    • Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears – 706
    • Oakland Raiders at Detroit Lions – 707
    • New York Jets at Houston Texans – 708
    • Louis Rams at Baltimore Ravens – 709
    • Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers – 710
    • Dallas Cowboys at Miami Dolphins – 711
    • Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings – 712
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles – 713
  • 4:05pm EDT
    • Cincinnati Bengals at Arizona Cardinals – 714
  • 4:25pm EDT
    • San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks – 715

As always, enjoy the games, and if you don’t have Sunday Ticket already, contact Mid-America Satellite to get every game, every Sunday.

Chicago Cubs Seek to Have Their Own Cable TV Channel

Currently, Chicago Cubs games are broadcast on Comcast SportsNet Chicago, where the North Side baseball team shares broadcast space with the Chicago Blackhawks and their South Side rivals the Chicago White Sox. Due to occasional broadcast conflicts, the Cubbies have had to move their games to alternate networks opposite Blackhawks and Sox coverage, leading the team to seek to start its own cable TV network, which will be on the air in 2020.

More from Comcast SportsNet Chicago:

“2019 is our last year with Comcast, so we’ll move over and launch our own channel in 2020,” [Cubs president of business operations Crane] Kenney said on the “Mully & Hanley” morning show.

The Cubs have an ownership stake in Comcast SportsNet Chicago — which owns exclusive cable rights through the 2019 season — and synced up their local deals with ABC and WGN with the idea of becoming a broadcasting free agent.

So does this mean the Cubs will be waiting until 2020 for their infusion of TV money?

“I think that’s just one option,” Epstein said at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. “My understanding is that we’d be open to a deal earlier than that as well, as long as a good one presents itself.”

Before leaving Fenway Park for a president’s title and a direct report to ownership in Chicago, Epstein helped build two World Series winners for the Boston Red Sox, a franchise that uses NESN to support a 2015 payroll that soared to around $200 million for luxury-tax purposes.

Epstein said he thought a Cubs network in 2020 would be “a very real option.”

There are a number of advantages to a team having its own network, but some drawbacks as well. The Dodgers have faced difficulties in Los Angeles with their SportsNet LA channels, which some carriers refused to pay for due to the large subscriber fees. The Cubs have a nationwide fan base, though, and having their own network could mean big money for the team in the next decade.

NFL Sunday Ticket only on DIRECTV – Week 10 Schedule

Another team has fallen from the ranks of the undefeated, with the Denver Broncos unable to overcome the Indianapolis Colts in Peyton Manning’s homecoming to Indianapolis. That leaves only the Bengals, Panthers and Patriots among the ranks of the perfect thus far, with the Packers going down again and some other teams, like the resurgent Minnesota Vikings, making moves in the NFC. There are plenty of great matchups this week, as the Panthers go against the lowly Titans to try and stay perfect, the Patriots try to stay undefeated against their Super Bowl nemeses two times over in the New York Giants, and the Minnesota Vikings and Oakland Raiders try to continue their surprising successes against one another.

Here’s the entire schedule and listings for every game this Sunday with NFL Sunday Ticket, only on DIRECTV:

  • 1pm EDT
    • Jacksonville Jaguars at Baltimore Ravens – 705
    • Miami Dolphins at Philadelphia Eagles – 706
    • Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers – 707
    • Chicago Bears at St. Louiis Rams – 708
    • Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers – 709
    • Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 710
    • Carolina Panthers at Tennessee Titans – 711
    • New Orleans Saints at Washington Redskins – 712
  • 4pm EDT
    • Minnesota Vikings at Oakland Raiders – 713
  • 4:25pm EDT
    • Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos – 715
    • New England Patriots at New York Giants – 716

Enjoy the games, and remember: if you don’t already have NFL Sunday Ticket, contact Mid-America Satellite to get every game, every Sunday.

Viceland Cable TV Channel to Debut in place of H2

One of the strangest media success stories in recent years has been Vice. What began as a sex, drugs, and punk rock magazine in Montreal grew first into a hip, trendsetting international magazine, then, strangely enough, an outlet for serious journalism through first online video and then an HBO television show featuring reporters going where no others dared. Vice is being further rewarded for its success with its own cable TV channel, Viceland, which will replace H2, the History Channel’s less-watched sibling.

More from the New York Times:

Vice will fill the cable channel, which will be called Viceland, with lifestyle and entertainment programming, including shows about music, sports, food and travel. The channel will start in late February, according to a person briefed on the deal.

Spike Jonze, a longtime Vice collaborator, is expected to be its creative director.

The cable channel represents another step in Vice’s transformation into a mainstream media company. Founded in Montreal in 1994 as a free punk magazine, Vice has spun its rebel image into gold, attracting investments worth hundreds of millions of dollars from media giants that see value in its core audience of young men.

Most recently, Disney invested $200 million in Vice, according to another person with knowledge of the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the terms of the deal were private.

Vice has coveted a cable channel as another outlet for its original shows and as a way to lure more advertising dollars.

Much of Vice’s success has been due to the desirability of its core audience of young men with money to spend. This new channel should bring them a lot more money in advertising dollars, but it is also a worry that the Vice empire could be spreading itself too thin. Only time will tell.

NFL Sunday Ticket Only on DIRECTV – Week 9 Schedule

Following Week 8’s action, only four undefeated teams remain, with the Patriots, Bengals, Panthers and Broncos still perfect at the top of the National Football League. Despite Peyton Manning throwing for no touchdowns, his Broncos handily defeated the Green Bay Packers, with stunning defense making Aaron Rodgers look anything but elite. Elsewhere, the Dolphins and Titans have already jettisoned the head coaches they started the year with, and some teams, such as the Rams and the Falcons, are having some very surprising success.

Here’s the schedule and channel listings for every game on NFL Sunday Ticket this Sunday, only on DIRECTV:

  • 1pm EST
    • Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills – 705
    • Tennessee Titans at New Orleans Saints – 706
    • Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets – 707
    • Oakland Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers – 708
    • Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers – 709
    • Louis Rams at Minnesota Vikings – 710
    • Washington Redskins at New England Patriots – 711
  • 4:05pm EST
    • Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers – 712
    • New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 713
  • 4:25pm EST
    • Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts – 714

Remember, if you don’t already have NFL Sunday Ticket but want to get every game, every Sunday, contact Mid-America Satellite.