NHL National Cable TV Schedule 2/21– 2/27, 2019

Because of the All-Star break it’s a slow week for the NBA, which means it’s the perfect week to pick up the remote and switch it over for some hockey playoff race action. The hottest team in the league is the St. Louis Blues, coming off a double-digit winning streak that has moved them from last in the West to third in the Central Division with the playoffs likely. The trade deadline, February 25, occurs this week as well, so the balance of power could shift if a big trade happens before then. Here are the games this week, all times Eastern:

Thursday, February 21
7:00p Capitals-Maple Leafs ESPN+
8:00p Kings-Predators NBCSN
Friday, February 22
7:30p Avalanche-Blackhawks ESPN+
Wild-Red Wings NHL Network
10:00p Jets-Golden Knights ESPN+
Saturday, February 23
1:00p Capitals-Sabres NHL Network
Devils-Rangers ESPN+
4:00p Bruins-Blues NHL Network
7:00p Canadiens-Maple Leafs ESPN+
8:00p Penguins-Flyers NBC
Sunday, February 24
12:30p Rangers-Capitals NHL Network
3:00p Stars-Blackhawks ESPN+
7:00p Blues-Wild NBCSN
Monday, February 25
7:30p Kings-Lightning NBCSN
8:00p Oilers-Predators ESPN+
Tuesday, February 26
7:00p Sabres-Flyers NBCSN
Penguins-Blue Jackets ESPN+
Wednesday, February 27
7:30p Lightning-Rangers NBCSN
10:00p Blackhawks-Ducks NBCSN

The aforementioned Blues have two national games this week for people to tune into whether in the team’s hometown or if you’re a fan who lives out of town, even in enemy territory in Junction, IL. The first is an interconference matchup with the Boston Bruins on Saturday on NHL Network, and the second has the Blues on Sunday playing the division rival Minnesota Wild who they’ve just passed in the standings—and shut out on national TV last week. Both games should be tough, physical matchups.

Our non-Blues pick is the tilt between Eastern Conference heavyweights that leads off the schedule, with the league-leading Lightning taking on the defending champion Washington Capitals. Expect tons of shooting and scoring.

Enjoy the games, and check back next week for schedule updates, our picks to watch, and more!

NBA National TV Schedule 2/19 – 2/25, 2019

With the All-Star break extending from last week into this one, there are no games until Thursday, but once the games do return, the race to the finish line kicks into high gear, with less than two months to go in the regular season and many playoff spots up for grabs. Teams such as the Celtics and Bucks, playing Thursday night at the beginning of TNT’s doubleheader, are jostling for positioning and home court advantage, while the Lakers and Clippers are fighting over which LA team will bring playoff action to Staples Center. Though the Lakers are more popular throughout Southern California from Corona to Pomona, and feature perhaps the greatest player of all time, the Clippers are the year’s better story, a team of castoffs making noise by playing true team basketball.

Here’s the schedule for the week, all times Eastern:

Thursday, February 21
8:00p Celtics-Bucks TNT
10:30p Rockets-Lakers TNT
Friday, February 22
7:00p Spurs-Raptors ESPN
9:30p Jazz-Thunder ESPN
Saturday, February 23
8:30p Rockets-Warriors ABC
Sunday, February 24
5:00p Clippers-Nuggets
Added to schedule
7:30p Spurs-Knicks NBA TV
Monday, February 25
8:00p Sixers-Pelicans NBA TV
10:30p Mavs-Clippers NBA TV

The week’s best matchup is probably ABC’s Saturday night showcase game, a Western Conference Finals rematch between the Rockets and Warriors—though the Warriors are an even stronger team than last year, and the Rockets have lost much of their supporting cast, James Harden can still singlehandedly win a game—at least in the regular season.

Check back each week to see the updated schedules and find our picks for games to watch right here at the TV, Internet, and Phone Blog.

NHL National Cable TV Schedule 2/7– 2/13, 2019

Like last week, it’s another jam-packed week on the national TV schedule for the NHL, with about a month and a half remaining before the playoffs, and only a week or so remaining before the trade deadline. Teams at both ends of the standings are jockeying for position, as teams at the top like the Flames and Sharks want to guarantee home ice advantage, and teams like the Canadiens and Blues just want to sneak into the playoffs. There are plenty of important matchups in the week ahead. Here’s the full schedule, all times Eastern:

Thursday, February 14
7:30p Stars-Lightning ESPN+
10:00p Maple Leafs-Golden Knights ESPN+
Friday, February 15
7:00p Rangers-Sabres NHL Network
10:00p Bruins-Ducks ESPN+
Saturday, February 16
1:00p Red Wings-Flyers NHL Network
Flames-Penguins ESPN+
7:00p Canadiens-Lightning NHL Network
10:00p Predators-Golden Knights ESPN+
Sunday, February 17
12:30p Rangers-Penguins NBC
3:00p Blues-Wild NBC
6:00p Flyers-Red Wings NBCSN
9:00p Capitals-Ducks ESPN+
Monday, February 18
4:00p Coyotes-Flames ESPN+
7:30p Lightning-Blue Jackets NBCSN
10:00p Bruins-Sharks NBCSN
Tuesday, February 19
8:00p Maple Leafs-Blues NBCSN
8:30p Predators-Stars ESPN+
Wednesday, February 20
7:30p Blackhawks-Red Wings NBCSN
8:30p Jets-Avalanche ESPN+
10:00p Bruins-Golden Knights NBCSN

Perhaps most relevant for our blog readers is the matchup between the Blues and Wild as part of Sunday’s marathon of hockey coverage on NBC and NBCSN. These teams are battling for the Wild Card in the West, with both groups overcoming weak starts to the season to get back in playoff contention behind the contributions of unexpected players. Fans from Farmington, MO all the way up to Duluth, MN will be tuned in to this hotly contest playoff rematch from two seasons ago, when the Blues upset the Wild in five games behind heroic goaltending from Jake Allen.

Enjoy the games!

NBA National TV Schedule 2/12 – 2/18, 2019

The trade deadline passed last week, and Anthony Davis did not move teams, so the Western Conference balance of power remains fully with the Warriors and possibly the Rockets if James Harden can keep up his historic scoring pace into the playoffs. This week’s schedule is light on actual games but long on exhibitions, as All-Star Weekend begins on Friday with the celebrity game and the Rising Stars Challenge (formerly known as the Rookie-Sophomore game), where future All-Stars like Utah’s Donovan Mitchell will showcase their talents in a battle between US and World prospects.

The All-Star game is in Charlotte this year, hosted by the Hornets, so for one weekend places like Cary and Chapel Hill will turn their attentions from college hoops to the NBA with all the stars in town. Here’s the full schedule for the week.

Tuesday, February 12
8:00p Celtics-Sixers TNT
10:30p Jazz-Warriors TNT
Wednesday, February 13
8:00p Rockets-T’Wolves ESPN
10:30p Warriors-Blazers
Replaces Nets-Cavs
Thursday, February 14
8:00p Thunder-Pelicans TNT
Friday, February 15
7:00p Celebrity Game ESPN
9:00p Rising Stars Challenge TNT
Saturday, February 16
8:00p All-Star Saturday Night TNT
Sunday, February 17
8:00p NBA All-Star Game TNT

With All-Star Weekend, the major highlight is often not the game but All-Star Saturday Night which includes the two marquee events: the 3-point shootout and the slam dunk contest. The dunk contest is all young upstarts this year, with the recently relocated Dennis Smith, Jr. going in as the favorite. The 3-point shootout has Steph Curry facing up against his brother Seth—and possibly their dad, former Charlotte Hornet Dell Curry.

Enjoy the festivities!

NHL National Cable TV Schedule 2/7– 2/13, 2019

The next few weeks of NHL games are important not only for teams jockeying for playoff position, but for teams in the middle of the pack to make the decision whether or not to be buyers or sellers at the impending February 25 trade deadline. There will likely be a few houses for sale in Burbank and Long Beach as both southern California teams are plummeting in the standings, but so many teams are in contention that there will have to be hard decisions made over the next few weeks.

Here’s the national NHL TV schedule for the week, all times Eastern:

Thursday, February 7
7:00p Avalanche-Capitals ESPN+
9:00p Sharks-Flames ESPN+
Friday, February 8
8:00p Hurricanes-Rangers NHL Network
Saturday, February 9
7:00p Penguins-Lightning NHL Network
Panthers-Capitals ESPN+
10:00p Blue Jackets-Golden Knights ESPN+
Sunday, February 10
12:30p Blues-Predators NBC
3:00p Jets-Sabres ESPN+
7:00p Maple Leafs-Rangers NBCSN
Monday, February 11
7:00p Penguins-Flyers NBCSN
10:00p Sharks-Canucks ESPN+
Tuesday, February 12
7:00p Blackhawks-Bruins NBCSN
7:30p Flames-Lightning ESPN+
Wednesday, February 13
8:00p Oilers-Penguins NBCSN
10:30p Canucks-Ducks ESPN+

The game of the week is probably Wednesday’s matchup between the Oilers and Penguins on NBC Sports Network. The teams could both be better, but it’s always good to see the NHL’s up and coming best player facing up against the last decade’s best player, and Sidney Crosby always plays well when facing another star close to his caliber. They’re also the two players in the league that we can guarantee won’t be traded by the time the game happens.

Check back each week for NHL and NBA national TV schedules right here at the TV, Internet, and Phone Blog.

NBA National TV Schedule 2/5 – 2/11, 2019

As of this writing, only one blockbuster trade leading up to the deadline has occurred, as last week the New York Knicks sent Kristaps Porzingis and two bad salaries to the Dallas Mavericks for Dennis Smith, Jr, draft picks, and expiring contracts. As Kristaps looks for housing in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex, we expect plenty more movement before Thursday, February 7 at 3pm EST, so the games later on this week’s national TV schedule may be more—or less—interesting after the deadline.

Here’s the full schedule for the week, including the first televised All-Star draft. All listed times Eastern.

Tuesday, February 5
8:00p Raptors-Sixers TNT
10:30p Heat-Blazers TNT
Wednesday, February 6
8:00p Wizards-Bucks ESPN
10:30p Spurs-Warriors ESPN
Thursday, February 7
7:00p NBA All-Star Draft TNT
8:00p Lakers-Celtics TNT
10:30p Spurs-Blazers TNT
Friday, February 8
7:00p Nuggets-Sixers ESPN
9:30p T’Wolves-Pelicans ESPN
Saturday, February 9
8:30p Thunder-Rockets ABC
Sunday, February 10
3:30p Lakers-Sixers ABC
8:30p Heat-Warriors NBA TV
Monday, February 11
8:00p Rockets-Mavericks
Replaces Wizards-Pistons

The schedule has a number of highlights. We’d like to call attention to the change for Monday’s NBATV game, with the Rockets-Mavericks intra-Texas matchup replacing the previously scheduled Wizards-Pistons matchup. The Rockets are one of the hottest teams in the league, crawling up the standings on the back of countless James Harden free throws, and Kristaps may be making his Mavs debut.

It’ll also be interesting to see the Lakers-Sixers matchup if LeBron is back, and/or if Anthony Davis is moved there, as he’d prefer, by the deadline.

Let us know your preferred matchups in the comments, and check back next week for more previews and scheduling right here at the TV, Internet, and Phone Blog.

NHL National Cable TV Schedule 1/31– 2/6, 2019

After last week’s All-Star Break, it’s a full schedule of action as we hit the stretch run, basically two months until the playoffs start. With the trade deadline looming, teams are decided whether or not they’re buyers or sellers, whether they can make a run or start stocking up for the future.

One team that should be stocking up for the future is the Chicago Blackhawks, who play the Minnesota Wild Saturday on NBC. The matchup probably looked better before the season, as Blackhawks fans from Marengo, IL to Kenosha, WI are looking for a top pick in this year’s draft.

Other games should provide more playoff-related excitement. Here’s the full schedule, all times Eastern:

Thursday, January 31
7:00p Flyers-Bruins NHL Network
Rangers-Devils ESPN+
8:00p Blue Jackets-Jets ESPN+
Saturday, February 2
8:00p Lightning-Rangers NBC
Sunday, February 3
12:30p Bruins-Capitals NBC
Wednesday, February 6
8:00p Bruins-Rangers NBCSN

This week’s top matchup is probably the national NBC game on Saturday afternoon, with the Bruins and Capitals playing a rematch of their hard-fought opening night matchup. The Bruins are always a tough out, with their line of Marchand-Bergeron-Pastrnak a two-way matchup nightmare. But the Caps have perhaps the greatest goal scorer of all time. Added bonus: these two teams don’t like each other much, so expect a lot of extracurricular activity.

Be sure to check back next week for an updated schedule, games to watch, and a whole lot more right here at the TV, Internet, and Phone Blog. Hockey not your bag? We preview the NBA too.