High-Speed Internet Services Available in Worthington, MN

It used to be that choosing an internet service provider was easy: you were in a service area and there was only one company to go with, often your cable company. Now, you have choices and in many areas you can decide based on prices and speeds which is the right high-speed internet provider for you.

In Worthington, MN there are as many as five high-speed internet services to choose from depending upon where you live. With five choices available, how do you pick which is right for you? The best way to choose a high-speed internet service provider in Worthington, MN is to evaluate by speed in Mbps, the higher number the better.

Internet Speeds in Worthington, MN

In Worthington, MN there are as many as five internet service providers available depending upon where you live. The slowest two providers are HughesNet Satellite Internet and Frontier FiOS DSL internet, clocking in at 25 Mbps, only recommended if they are the only options available at your particular address.

Slightly faster is CenturyLink DSL, with speeds up to 45 Mbps. CenturyLink also offers 1 Gbps fiber service in some areas (the fastest internet available in Worthington but not available at all addresses).

Mediacom cable internet in Worthington has speeds up to 100 Mbps for downloads and is the fastest available service in some areas.

The fastest service that is widely available is Vast Broadband high-speed internet in Worthington, MN with speeds up to 125 Mbps at the highest tier. If you don’t live in a CenturyLink fiber area, Vast is your best choice.

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High-Speed Internet Availability for Marshall, MN

When you live in a smaller city like Marshall, MN, sometimes there are fewer services available than in larger cities, with less choice. This is not true, however, when it comes to high-speed internet, as there are as many as five choices available depending on where you live in Marshall, MN.

So how do you decide what the best high-speed internet in Marshall, MN is for your home? The best way to do so is by evaluating download speeds, which we’ll do here.

High-Speed Internet Speeds for Marshall, MN

When you’re evaluating internet speeds, it is usually listed in Mbps (megabytes per second), with the higher number the better. Two of the major providers for the area are CenturyLink DSL internet and Frontier FiOS DSL internet, offering speeds of 40 Mbps and 15 Mbps respectively. A few years ago either one of these might be the fastest speed in its particular area, but today, anything below 100 Mbps can usually be beaten by another provider.

In this case, Vast Broadband, formerly WOW! Cable, offers up to 125 Mbps where available in Marshall, MN. Vast Broadband high-speed internet in Marshall, MN is available in three tiers offering different speeds with 125 Mbps being the highest, and internet can be bundled with TV, phone, or both to save customers money.

So if you live in a Vast Broadband service area in Marshall, MN, the fastest internet in the area is the way to go.

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Rating High-Speed Internet Speeds in Sioux Falls, SD

As one of the largest cities and metro areas in South Dakota, Sioux Falls has diversity of service when it comes to high speed internet providers, with up to five options available in some areas. So how do you choose which provider is right for you? Beyond availability—some providers do not cover all service areas—look to download speeds, the higher number the better.

Who Has the Fastest Internet in Sioux Falls, SD?

Many of the offerings from high-speed internet providers are relatively comparable when it comes to speed, with small differences one way or the other. The major outliers are Centurylink Fiber, by far the fastest at 1 GB, and HughesNet Satellite Internet, by far the slowest with a max speed of 25 Mbps (about 40 times slower than Centurylink Fiber). HughesNet is a good option for rural customers that wired providers cannot reach, but otherwise you’re better off with other choices.

Centurylink Fiber, being the fastest, is an easy choice to make, but it’s not yet available in most of the city or outlying areas. So if you can get it, get it, but chances are, you can’t.

That leaves you four other choices. Centurylink DSL and Midcontinent Communications cable internet offer 100 Mbps internet. Not too shabby. Alliance Communications offers 50 Mbps download speeds. But the highest speeds outside of Centurylink Fiber belong to Vast Broadband, formerly known as WOW! Cable, with 125 Mbps available everywhere Vast serves and up to 200 Mbps available in some Vast service areas. Where it’s available, the best choice is Vast Broadband in Sioux Falls, SD.

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The Best High-Speed Internet Provider for Rapid City, SD

While only 84% of South Dakota residents have access to high-speed internet services from leading service providers, 100% of the residents of Rapid City, SD have access to high-speed internet, with four companies competing for the high-speed internet dollar. While there aren’t as many provider options as in some larger Midwest cities, you can still get great internet service in Rapid City if you make the right choice.

So what’s the best high-speed internet provider in Rapid City, SD? Let’s look at the speeds to see who comes out on top.

Internet Speeds for Rapid City, SD

Out of the four internet providers in Rapid City, SD, Vast Broadband has the fastest available speeds, with its top service for the area offering 125 Mbps downloads—with 200 Mbps available in some Vast Broadband areas. Serving what was formerly the WOW! Cable service area, Vast Broadband is available in about 95% of homes.

Available in 100% of homes in Rapid City proper, up next in terms of speed is Midcontinent Communications with a top available speed of 100 Mbps. If you live in an area where Vast is not available, this is the fastest option.

Coming in third place at 80 Mbps is Centurylink, with HughesNet satellite internet bringing up the rear with a top speed of 25 Mbps.

Who to Choose

With a combination of speed and affordability, Vast Broadband offers the best option for high-speed internet in Rapid City, SD. If you live in an area not served by Vast Broadband, Midcontinent Communications is the way to go, and if you’re in a rural area not reached by wired internet services, HughesNet offers a satellite option.

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Cable TV Providers in Bowling Green, KY

If you’re looking for cable TV options in Bowling Green, KY, the options are similar to other parts of Kentucky. For pay TV and a wide selection of cable TV channels, there are three available providers in Bowling Green. Two of these are satellite TV providers, DIRECTV and DISH Network. The only cable TV option is Spectrum, formerly Time Warner Cable in the Bowling Green area.

There are good and bad aspects to all three of these options. DIRECTV is the only pay TV provider that gives you access to NFL SUNDAY TICKET to watch out of market NFL games each Sunday. The major drawback for DIRECTV is price. Initial pricing looks more affordable than it actually is, and with NFL SUNDAY TICKET only free for a year, if you keep DIRECTV in order to watch the NFL for a second season, you’ll be paying big for the privilege.

DISH is more affordable than DIRECTV but has some of the same satellite TV drawbacks. DISH also does not have as many channels available in HD as Spectrum.

Spectrum TV in Bowling Green rounds out the choices. Offering the most channels in HD at the lowest price point, Spectrum is the best choice for those who do not need NFL SUNDAY TICKET as part of the package. Spectrum TV is also available as part of bundle packages with high speed internet, landline phone, or both services in order to keep prices down, and there are no contracts.

The Verdict

If you’re a hardcore football fan living outside of your favorite team’s market, DIRECTV and NFL SUNDAY TICKET are the choice for you. If not, save money and get more channels with Spectrum cable TV in Bowling Green, Kentucky.