Charter Spectrum to Bring More Original Programming to Cable TV Packages

Following its pickup of its first original series, the Bad Boys spinoff L.A.’s Finest, Spectrum continues to delve into the original content game with a second-season pickup of Manhunt, which originally aired on the Discovery Channel. Through continued development of original content, Spectrum is attempting to differentiate itself from other cable providers and put it more in line with buzzworthy content providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

More from Deadline:

The subject matter for the second season would focus on Richard Jewell and Eric Rudolph. It would chronicle the tragic true story about the AT&T security guard Jewell, who was at first lauded and then accused of the bombings at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Rudolph was later convicted of the crime, one of a series of anti-abortion and anti-gay-motivated bombings he perpetrated across the southern United States between 1996 and 1998, which killed two people and injured over 120 others. Rudolph spent five years on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list until he was finally caught in 2003. Following Manhunt‘s concept, the show will dive deep into the dark mind of the terrorist.

TV watchers in Atlanta will likely be particularly interested in the story, as it unfolded right on their doorstep 22 years ago. The fugitive was captured in North Carolina making the show of local interest there as well.

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NFL Preseason National TV Schedule

With the World Cup over and Major League Baseball in its midseason doldrums, many sports fans are turning their eyes toward football season. While the regular season doesn’t kick into gear for another month, NFL preseason is beginning this week, with many games broadcast on local TV channels, but a select few on national broadcast and cable TV.

The following is the national TV schedule for NFL preseason football, all times Eastern:

Thursday, August 2 NFL/Hall of Fame Game, Canton, OH:

Chicago Bears vs. Baltimore Ravens

NBC (8:00 PM)
Preseason Week 2 (August 16-20)
Thursday, August 16 New York Jets at Washington Redskins ESPN (8:00 PM)
Monday, August 20 Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts ESPN (8:00 PM)
Preseason Week 3 (August 23-26)
Thursday, August 23 Philadelphia Eagles at Cleveland Browns FOX (8:00 PM)
Friday, August 24 Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers CBS (8:00 PM)
Saturday, August 25 New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Chargers CBS (8:00 PM)
Sunday, August 26 Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills FOX (4:00 PM)
Sunday, August 26 Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys NBC (8:00 PM)

Local fans for the two ESPN games will be able to see those games with any package from Spectrum cable TV. Whether you’re a Jets fan in Astoria, a Redskins fan in Bristol, VA, a Ravens fan in Crisfield, Maryland, or a Colts fan in Indianapolis, Spectrum TV has all the channels both local and cable that you’ll need for a full football preseason experience.

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Analysts Predict Initial Success for Spectrum Mobile

With landline phone usage in decline alongside the trend for cord-cutting when it comes to cable TV, certain telecom companies are getting into the mobile business. This includes Charter, whose Spectrum cable TV is its most well-known offering, with analysts predicting success for Spectrum Mobile, the company’s foray into the wireless game.

More from Fierce Wireless:

Spectrum Mobile deviates from Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile in two important ways: First, Spectrum Mobile does not offer the Apple iPhone—that’s a notable situation considering the iPhone commands around half of the U.S. smartphone market. Further, Spectrum Mobile is slightly more expensive than Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile, at least for customers who purchase data by the GB.

“The pricing announcement doesn’t materially impact our thesis; we continue to view wireless as one of the bigger opportunities for Charter,” wrote the analysts at New Street. “Charter’s pricing decision is interesting. Management has said they expect to be more aggressive than Comcast in wireless. They will have benefited from Comcast’s experience and conducted their own testing before launching the product. They must believe that demand isn’t materially impacted by higher pricing. We have modestly lowered our sub forecasts to be conservative, but they may be able to get the penetration we have previously assumed.”

Concurrently, the New Street analysts raised their expectations for Charter’s average revenue per user in mobile by $2 per customer in 2018 and $1 per customer in 2019.

As the company opens the floodgates on its wireless service, look for promotions bundling it with cable TV, internet, or both to provide a sales boost. If a customer who has cable TV in Montgomery, AL or high-speed internet in Helena, MT also needs a cell phone, it could be convenient to bill the services together.

Whether the wireless launch is truly a success is yet to be seen, but the initial projections are looking pretty good.

Michigan Regional Sports Networks on Cable TV

Across Michigan, customers deciding upon a cable package need to know—which regional sports networks are available, and do they cover the teams I follow? Whether you’re in Kalamazoo and straddle the Chicago and Detroit pro sports markets, or up in Saginaw following all the Detroit teams, you’ll find the channels you’re looking for with Spectrum cable TV.

Throughout Michigan, one constant is FSN Detroit. Whether you’re in Saginaw or Detroit proper, you can stay up to date with live broadcasts and bonus programming covering the Detroit Pistons of the NBA, the Detroit Red Wings of the NHL, and Major League Baseball from the Detroit Tigers. In towns closer to the Chicago market, like Kalamazoo, you also get NBC Sports Chicago, which offers live broadcasts of the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls.

In some areas you may also be able to catch some Wisconsin based sports programming.

Beyond the pro sports covered by FSN Detroit, also known as Fox Sports Detroit, you’ll also want to make sure you have the ESPN family of networks, the Big Ten Network, and other sports-related channels to be sure you can see Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans football and basketball, as well as coverage of those schools’ rivals in surrounding states. Whether pro basketball or college football is your first love, you’ll find the coverage you’re looking for with Spectrum cable TV in Michigan.

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FS Wisconsin Brings Regional Sports to the State on Cable TV

While the most popular sports team in the state of Wisconsin is obviously the Green Bay Packers, and the team is popular enough nationwide to secure prime national broadcast spots, where do you find the state’s other pro teams? Whether you live in Appleton, Madison, or a smaller town like Two Rivers, you can see the Milwaukee Brewers of the MLB and Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA—as well as plenty of college hockey and basketball—on FS Wisconsin.

In addition to the Brewers and Bucks, FS Wisconsin, short for Fox Sports Wisconsin, shows broadcasts from other teams and leagues, including:

  • Minnesota United FC (MLS)
  • Wisconsin Badgers (Big Ten)
  • Big East football and basketball
  • Big 12 football and basketball
  • Pac-12 football and basketball
  • Marquette basketball
  • WCHA hockey
  • WIAC DIII athletics

With Spectrum Cable TV packages in Wisconsin, you can also gain access to FS Wisconsin Plus, which offers coverage above and beyond when schedule conflicts between the many teams and leagues the network covers occur.

So, when it’s cold enough you don’t want to head outside to do a single thing, you can gather in front of the TV and see your favorite local teams do battle with their hated rivals. And with Big Ten Network and the ESPN family of networks also available from Spectrum in addition, you’ll never lack for sports to watch.

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Home Run Derby on Cable TV

Little-known fact: there are only two days a year when there are never games involving regular season or playoffs of one of America’s four major sports leagues, the NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB: the day before, and the day after the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. If you’re having sports withdrawal tonight, though, there is a good substitute, the annual Home Run Derby, which airs at 8PM Eastern Time on ESPN on cable TV. Whether you’re in the home market for the Nationals who are hosting the All-Star game and the Derby, like nearby Bristol, Virginia, or a fan of the Cubs, who have two participants in the Derby, from Pocahontas, IL, you can see the action on Spectrum Cable TV.

Here are the participants:

  • Jesus Aguilar of the Milwaukee Brewers
  • Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals
  • Max Muncy of the Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros
  • Kyle Schwarber and Javier Baez of the Chicago Cubs
  • Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves
  • Rhys Hoskins of the Philadelphia Phillies

The Home Run Derby format is constantly changing, and this year they’re using a bracket format, with individuals going head to head in the first round to narrow it down to four for the semifinals, which further whittle it down to the final matchup.

In addition, if you’re looking to watch it in Spanish in Texas or anywhere else with a large Spanish speaking population, the Derby is available en Espanol on ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes, also available with Spectrum Cable TV packages.

Regional Sports Networks for Spartanburg and Greenville, SC

The state of South Carolina is dedicated to its college football, with the rivalry between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers dominating most sports conversations. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of residents into pro sports, however. From Spartanburg to Greenville, here are the regional sports networks you can find on Spectrum cable TV in South Carolina, as well as the professional teams from the region that they cover.

FSN South – Also known as Fox Sports South, FSN South offers live games and supplemental broadcasts covering the Atlanta Braves of the National League, the Carolina Hurricanes of the NHL, and the Charlotte Hornets, formerly Bobcats, of the NBA.

FS Southeast – Fox Sports Southeast also offers coverage of the Braves and Hornets.

Both channels also cover regional college sports, including college basketball and football. In addition, South Carolina residents should look into the SEC Network, also available as part of the ESPN family of networks, in order to get more coverage of South Carolina and their SEC football rivals. Coming soon from ESPN will be a dedicated ACC Network for fans of Clemson and their ACC rivals in football, basketball, and more.

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