NBA National TV Schedule 12/11 – 12/17, 2018

This week, there are enough great games on the NBA national TV schedule that it might be easiest to point out which one NOT to watch—and that would be Mavericks vs. Suns, the second half of the TNT doubleheader, which will only be of interest to those local markets—and maybe not even the local market in Yuma, Arizona, as the Suns are literally the only team in the Western Conference that is definitively not going to the playoffs. Those in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metroplex, however, will want to check in and see how rookie stud Luka Doncic is performing.

Here’s the full schedule for the week, all times Eastern:

Tuesday, December 11
8:00p Blazers-Rockets NBA TV
10:30p Raptors-Clippers NBA TV
Wednesday, December 12
8:00p Thunder-Pelicans ESPN
10:30p Raptors-Warriors ESPN
Thursday, December 13
8:00p Lakers-Rockets TNT
10:30p Mavs-Suns TNT
Friday, December 14
7:30p Pacers-Sixers ESPN
10:00p Thunder-Nuggets ESPN
Saturday, December 15
5:00p Jazz-Magic NBA TV
Monday, December 17
8:00p Jazz-Rockets NBA TV
10:30p Grizzlies-Warriors NBA TV

Last week was good for some teams and bad for others. The Jazz got back to .500 and then fell below it with a couple of lackluster performances—they’ll be playing the Rockets and Magic on NBATV this week. The Thunder and Nuggets are both chugging along, and they’ll be concluding the Friday night ESPN doubleheader fighting for the top of the Western Conference.

The week’s biggest game, though, is likely the Raptors and Warriors rematch Wednesday night on ESPN. Toronto pulled out a squeaker at home against the defending champs, but this one is in the Bay, and Steph Curry is back and putting on a clinic.

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NBA National TV Schedule 11/27 – 12/3, 2018

While the Raptors are settling in at the top of the Eastern Conference, the Western Conference is wide open, with only three games separating the 14th place Utah Jazz from the 8th seed and the playoffs. The Warriors are struggling a little with Steph Curry out and the Los Angeles Clippers are surprisingly at the top despite having not a single superstar—and last week they had a few more big wins to get in good position heading into the holidays.

Here is the full schedule for this week’s games, available across the nation from Albany, NY to Wenatchee, WA.

Tuesday, November 27
9:00p Lakers-Nuggets NBA TV
Wednesday, November 28
7:00p Knicks-Sixers NBA TV
10:00p Magic-Blazers NBA TV
Thursday, November 29
8:00p Warriors-Raptors TNT
10:30p Clippers-Kings TNT
Friday, November 30
8:00p Rockets-Spurs ESPN
10:30p Nuggets-Blazers ESPN
Saturday, December 1
8:00p Celtics-T’Wolves NBA TV
Monday, December 3
7:00p Thunder-Pistons NBA TV

Thursday is the real day to watch this week, as on TNT’s double-header the conference favorites from each conference battle in Toronto with the Warriors taking on the Raptors, followed by a late game showcasing the surprisingly good Clippers and Kings. Another Western Conference battle on ESPN Friday night has two more good teams in the late spot, with the Nuggets taking on the Blazers. Finally, tonight Lebron and his Lakers will take on those same Nuggets, led by Nikola Jokic and his point-center passing skills.

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DeMarcus Cousins Cable TV Reality Show Will Appear on Showtime

DeMarcus Cousins’s decision to join the Golden State Warriors broke the internet, with many NBA fans clamoring to call the upcoming season over as yet another NBA All-Star joined the superteam that won the last two championships. Showtime is betting that at least some of those fans will hate-watch a show following Cousins around in the aftermath of that decision, as the network is preparing an as-yet-untitled reality show featuring Cousins.

More from Awful Announcing:

The docuseries will likely be very similar to the ones Showtime has done recently with New York Giants’ wide receiver Victor Cruz and Philadelphia Sixers star Ben Simmons. In each, the series delves into what made the athlete who they are today, what kind of struggles they’ve been through, and what their most recent career decision means moving forward. The series will also likely focus on Cousins’s torn Achilles tendon, which is sure to keep him out of action until at least December.

Showtime is available from Spectrum TV in Louisiana, so fans of the New Orleans Pelicans, whom Cousins just left, can see the inside story as to why. Fans from Kentucky, where DeMarcus played his college ball, can see if he’s matured since he was a troubled star there. And of course Golden State fans throughout California will want to see how all this turns out.

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For Basketball Withdrawal Check out the NBA Summer League on Cable TV

As midsummer hits, if you’re not a baseball fan, it can be hard to find something to watch sportswise on cable TV. Though this year the World Cup helps break up the doldrums, due to their location in Russia they air earlier in the day in the USA, leaving primetime without a lot of sports-related options.

Never fear! The NBA Summer League is here. Don’t know what the summer league is? It’s where NBA teams’ latest draft picks and free agents trying to make the team compete for roster spots down the road and showcase their skills, all in a party-friendly Las Vegas environment. If you’ve never watched the summer league, it can surprise you. It’s where Ben Simmons first showed off his excellent passing with NBA teammates, and where Donovan Mitchell impressed enough to become a starter on the way to many rookie of the year votes.

You can see it all on Spectrum cable TV on NBATV, ESPNU, ESPN, and ESPN2. Below is the schedule for round-robin play, all in Vegas’ own Pacific Time, via the NBA:

Friday, July 6

Cox Pavilion
12 p.m. – Houston vs. Indiana (NBA TV)
2 p.m. – Brooklyn vs. Orlando (NBA TV)
4 p.m. – Milwaukee vs. Detroit (NBA TV)
6 p.m. – Cleveland vs. Washington (NBA TV)
8 p.m. – Denver vs. Minnesota (NBA TV)

Thomas & Mack
12:30 p.m. – Toronto vs. New Orleans (ESPNU)
2:30 p.m. – Oklahoma City vs. Charlotte (ESPNU)
4:30 p.m. – Boston vs. Philadelphia (ESPN)
6:30 p.m. – Dallas vs. Phoenix (ESPN)
8:30 p.m. – LA Clippers vs. Golden State (ESPN)

Saturday, July 7

Cox Pavilion
12 p.m. – Portland vs. Utah (NBA TV)
2 p.m. – Miami vs. New Orleans (NBA TV)
4 p.m. – Oklahoma City vs. Brooklyn (NBA TV)
6 p.m. – Detroit vs. Memphis (NBA TV)
8 p.m. – Boston vs. Denver (NBA TV)

Thomas & Mack
12:30 p.m. – San Antonio vs. Indiana (ESPN2)
2:30 p.m. – New York vs. Atlanta (ESPN)
4:30 p.m. – Phoenix vs. Sacramento (ESPN)
6:30 p.m. – Chicago vs. Cleveland (ESPN2)
8:30 p.m. – Philadelphia vs. Los Angeles Lakers (ESPN2)

Sunday, July 8

Cox Pavilion
12 p.m. – Minnesota vs. Toronto (NBA TV)
2 p.m. – Charlotte vs. Miami (NBA TV)
4 p.m. – Dallas vs. Milwaukee (NBA TV)
6 p.m. – Utah vs. New York (NBA TV)
8 p.m. – Sacramento vs. LA Clippers (NBA TV)

Thomas & Mack
12:30 p.m. – Washington vs. San Antonio (ESPN2)
2:30 p.m. – Portland vs. Atlanta (ESPN2)
4:30 p.m. – Golden State vs. Houston (ESPN2)
6:30 p.m. – Memphis vs. Orlando (ESPN2)
8:30 p.m. – Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago (ESPN2)

Monday, July 9

Cox Pavilion
12 p.m. – New Orleans vs. Detroit (ESPNU)
2 p.m. – Indiana vs. Cleveland (ESPN2)
4 p.m. – Charlotte vs. Boston (ESPN2)
6 p.m. – Milwaukee vs. Denver (ESPNU)
8 p.m. – Brooklyn vs. Minnesota (ESPNU)

Thomas & Mack
12:30 p.m. – Toronto vs. Oklahoma City (NBA TV)
2:30 p.m. – Washington vs. Philadelphia (NBA TV)
4:30 p.m. – Golden State vs. Dallas (NBA TV)
6:30 p.m. – Orlando vs. Phoenix (NBA TV)
8:30 p.m. – LA Clippers vs. Houston (NBA TV)

Tuesday, July 10

Cox Pavilion
1 p.m. – San Antonio vs. Portland (NBA TV)
3 p.m. – Atlanta vs. Chicago (NBA TV)

Thomas & Mack
1:30 p.m. – Utah vs. Miami (EPNU)
3:30 p.m. – Sacramento vs. Memphis (ESPN2)
5:30 p.m. – Los Angeles Lakers vs. New York (ESPN2)

All of these channels are available on Spectrum TV’s various sports-heavy packages. Whether you’re a Knicks fan in Astoria, a Hornets fan in Cary, a Grizzlies fan in Johnson City, or a Spurs fan in San Antonio, you can see your favorite team’s young prospects ball out.

Enjoy the games.

How to Watch the NBA Finals Online with Spectrum Internet

The TV schedule for the NBA finals is set, with all games set to appear on ABC broadcast nationally across the United States. Once again, for the fourth year in a row, the Cleveland Cavaliers led by Lebron James will take on Steph Curry and the cast of future Hall of Famers known as the Golden State Warriors.

Here are the dates and times for the games:

Game 1 from Oakland: Thursday, May 31, 9 p.m. ET, ABC

Game 2 from Oakland: Sunday, June 3, 8 p.m. ET, ABC

Game 3 from Cleveland: Wednesday, June 6, 9 p.m. ET, ABC

Game 4 from Cleveland: Friday, June 8, 9 p.m. ET, ABC

Game 5* from Oakland: Monday, June 11, 9 p.m. ET, ABC

Game 6* from Cleveland: Thursday, June 14, 9 p.m. ET, ABC

Game 7* from Oakland: Sunday, June 17, 8 p.m. ET, ABC
* — if necessary

If you’re near a TV, seeing the game is no problem. But what if you want to watch the game on a tablet or your phone somewhere there isn’t a TV nearby? You can do that too with Spectrum Internet, any of the cable TV subscriptions available from Spectrum, and or the ESPN App. Whether you’re in Akron, Ohio, hometown of Lebron James, or near the Bay on the beach in Santa Cruz, CA, you don’t need a television to catch all the finals action. Whether the Warriors sweep or blow a 3-1 lead again, you’ll want to see each and every moment.

NBA National Cable TV Schedule for January

The NFL regular season has ended, and though it will still dominate the sports conversation for the next month or so through the Super Bowl, the NBA, following its Christmas Day showcase when many people start paying attention, is ramping up in the national consciousness.

The following is the national cable TV schedule for the NBA for January. Some games to pay attention to: the top of the Western Conference battle between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors later this week on January 4th on TNT, and Monday, January 15th’s Cavs-Warriors battle.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018
7:00 PM Blazers-Cavs NBA TV
10:30 PM Grizzlies-Clippers NBA TV
Wednesday, January 3
8:00 PM Cavs-Celtics ESPN
10:30 PM Thunder-Lakers ESPN
Thursday, January 4
8:00 PM Warriors-Rockets TNT
10:30 PM Thunder-Clippers TNT
Friday, January 5
7:00 PM T’Wolves-Celtics
Replaces NY-MIA
9:30 PM Wizards-Grizzlies ESPN
Sunday, January 7
9:00 PM Spurs-Blazers NBA TV
Monday, January 8
7:00 PM Bucks-Pacers NBA TV
Tuesday, January 9
8:00 PM Blazers-Thunder NBA TV
10:30 PM Kings-Lakers NBA TV
Wednesday, January 10
8:00 PM Thunder-T’Wolves ESPN
10:30 PM Clippers-Warriors ESPN
Thursday, January 11
3:00 PM Celtics-Sixers NBA TV
8:00 PM Cavs-Raptors TNT
10:30 PM Spurs-Lakers TNT
Friday, January 12
8:00 PM Warriors-Bucks
Only on CSN in Bay Area
10:30 PM Rockets-Suns ESPN
Sunday, January 14
9:00 PM Blazers-T’Wolves ESPN
Monday, January 15
12:30 PM Hornets-Pistons NBA TV
3:00 PM Spurs-Hawks NBA TV
5:30 PM Lakers-Grizzlies TNT
8:00 PM Warriors-Cavs TNT
10:30 PM Rockets-Clippers TNT
Tuesday, January 16
7:30 PM Pelicans-Celtics NBA TV
10:00 PM Suns-Blazers NBA TV
Wednesday, January 17
8:00 PM Lakers-Thunder ESPN
10:30 PM Nuggets-Clippers ESPN
Thursday, January 18
7:00 PM Sixers-Celtics TNT
9:30 PM T’Wolves-Rockets TNT
Friday, January 19
8:00 PM Wizards-Pistons ESPN
10:30 PM Knicks-Jazz ESPN
Saturday, January 20
3:30 PM Thunder-Cavs ABC
8:30 PM Warriors-Rockets ABC
Monday, January 22
8:00 PM Heat-Rockets NBA TV
10:30 PM T’Wolves-Clippers NBA TV
Tuesday, January 23
8:00 PM Cavs-Spurs TNT
10:30 PM Celtics-Lakers TNT
Wednesday, January 24
8:00 PM Rockets-Mavericks ESPN
10:30 PM Celtics-Clippers ESPN
Thursday, January 25
8:00 PM Wizards-Thunder TNT
10:30 PM T’Wolves-Warriors TNT
Friday, January 26
8:00 PM Rockets-Pelicans ESPN
Saturday, January 27
8:30 PM Celtics-Warriors ABC
Sunday, January 28
3:30 PM Suns-Rockets NBA TV
6:00 PM Sixers-Thunder ESPN
Monday, January 29
9:00 PM Celtics-Nuggets NBA TV
Tuesday, January 30
8:00 PM Cavs-Pistons TNT
10:30 PM Blazers-Clippers TNT
Wednesday, January 31
8:00 PM Knicks-Celtics ESPN
10:30 PM Mavericks-Suns ESPN

NBA National TV Schedule for December

Though the NBA season officially began in October, it doesn’t begin for many fans until Christmas Day, when basketball dominates the TV schedule with marquee games, and many NFL teams are long out of the running for a playoff spot.

There’s plenty of nationally televised basketball to go around the entire month of December, though, both on broadcast networks and cable TV. Below is the national TV schedule for December for the NBA. Enjoy the games.

Friday, December 1
8:00 PM T’Wolves-Thunder NBA TV
Sunday, December 3
7:00 PM Spurs-Thunder NBA TV
9:30 PM Rockets-Lakers NBA TV
Monday, December 4
7:30 PM Bucks-Celtics NBA TV
Tuesday, December 5
7:30 PM Suns-Raptors NBA TV
10:00 PM Wizards-Blazers NBA TV
Wednesday, December 6
8:00 PM Warriors-Hornets
Only on CSN in Bay Area
10:30 PM T’Wolves-Clippers ESPN
Thursday, December 7
8:00 PM Lakers-Sixers TNT
10:30 PM Rockets-Jazz TNT
Friday, December 8
7:00 PM Warriors-Pistons
Only on CSN in Bay Area
9:30 PM Celtics-Spurs ESPN
Saturday, December 9
6:00 PM Heat-Nets NBA TV
8:30 PM Jazz-Bucks NBA TV
Monday, December 11
8:00 PM Pelicans-Rockets NBA TV
10:30 PM Raptors-Clippers NBA TV
Tuesday, December 12
7:00 PM Lakers-Knicks ESPN
9:30 PM Spurs-Mavericks ESPN
Wednesday, December 13
7:00 PM Thunder-Pacers ESPN
9:30 PM Hornets-Rockets ESPN
Thursday, December 14
8:00 PM Lakers-Cavs TNT
10:30 PM Mavericks-Warriors TNT
Friday, December 15
7:00 PM Thunder-Sixers ESPN
9:30 PM Spurs-Rockets ESPN
Saturday, December 16
8:00 PM Thunder-Knicks
Added to schedule
Monday, December 18
8:00 PM Nuggets-Thunder NBA TV
10:30 PM Warriors-Lakers NBA TV
Tuesday, December 19
8:00 PM Cavs-Bucks NBA TV
Wednesday, December 20
8:00 PM Lakers-Rockets NBA TV
10:30 PM Grizzlies-Warriors NBA TV
Thursday, December 21
8:00 PM Celtics-Knicks TNT
10:30 PM Spurs-Jazz TNT
Friday, December 22
8:00 PM Clippers-Rockets ESPN
10:30 PM Lakers-Warriors ESPN
Monday, December 25
Noon Sixers-Knicks ESPN
3:00 PM Cavs-Warriors ABC
5:30 PM Wizards-Celtics ABC
8:00 PM Rockets-Thunder ABC
10:30 PM T’Wolves-Lakers TNT
Tuesday, December 26
8:00 PM Bulls-Bucks NBA TV
10:30 PM Kings-Clippers NBA TV
Wednesday, December 27
8:00 PM Raptors-Thunder NBA TV
10:30 PM Jazz-Warriors NBA TV
Thursday, December 28
8:00 PM Rockets-Celtics TNT
10:30 PM Sixers-Blazers TNT
Friday, December 29
7:00 PM Rockets-Wizards NBA TV
10:00 PM Suns-Kings NBA TV