NFL Preseason National TV Schedule

With the World Cup over and Major League Baseball in its midseason doldrums, many sports fans are turning their eyes toward football season. While the regular season doesn’t kick into gear for another month, NFL preseason is beginning this week, with many games broadcast on local TV channels, but a select few on national broadcast and cable TV.

The following is the national TV schedule for NFL preseason football, all times Eastern:

Thursday, August 2 NFL/Hall of Fame Game, Canton, OH:

Chicago Bears vs. Baltimore Ravens

NBC (8:00 PM)
Preseason Week 2 (August 16-20)
Thursday, August 16 New York Jets at Washington Redskins ESPN (8:00 PM)
Monday, August 20 Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts ESPN (8:00 PM)
Preseason Week 3 (August 23-26)
Thursday, August 23 Philadelphia Eagles at Cleveland Browns FOX (8:00 PM)
Friday, August 24 Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers CBS (8:00 PM)
Saturday, August 25 New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Chargers CBS (8:00 PM)
Sunday, August 26 Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills FOX (4:00 PM)
Sunday, August 26 Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys NBC (8:00 PM)

Local fans for the two ESPN games will be able to see those games with any package from Spectrum cable TV. Whether you’re a Jets fan in Astoria, a Redskins fan in Bristol, VA, a Ravens fan in Crisfield, Maryland, or a Colts fan in Indianapolis, Spectrum TV has all the channels both local and cable that you’ll need for a full football preseason experience.

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Where to Find the World Cup on Cable TV

The biggest sporting event in the world—except maybe the summer Olympics—is set to begin, with the World Cup soccer tournament kicking off—literally—on June 14. Though the US Men’s National Team did not make it this go-round, there are still plenty of soccer crazy fans in the US who will want to watch, and you can do so with Spectrum cable TV. Whether you’re in the soccer crazed St. Louis area, especially in Fenton, MO near the Soccer Park, or a fan of Mexico just over the border in Texas, you’ll want to bookmark the schedule below to know when and where to find every game.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Russia vs. Saudi Arabia, 11 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

Friday, June 15, 2018

Egypt vs. Uruguay, 8 a.m., FS1, Telemundo

Morocco vs. Iran, 11 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

Portugal vs. Spain, 2 p.m, FOX, Telemundo

Saturday, June 16, 2018

France vs. Australia, 6 a.m., FS1, Telemundo

Argentina vs. Iceland, 9 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

Peru vs. Denmark, Noon, FS1, Telemundo

Croatia vs. Nigeria, 3 p.m., FS1, Telemundo

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Costa Rica vs. Serbia, 8 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

Germany vs. Mexico, 11 a.m., FS1, Telemundo

Brazil vs. Switzerland, 2 p.m., FS1, Telemundo

Monday, June 18, 2018

Sweden vs. South Korea, 8 a.m., FS1, Telemundo

Belgium vs. Panama, 11 a.m., FS1, Telemundo

Tunisia vs. England, 2 p.m., FS1, Telemundo

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Colombia vs. Japan, 8 a.m., FS1, Telemundo

Poland vs. Senegal, 11 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

Russia vs. Egypt, 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Portugal vs. Morocco, 8 a.m., FS1, Telemundo

Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia, 11 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

Iran vs. Spain, 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Denmark vs. Australia, 8 a.m., FS1, Telemundo

France vs. Peru, 11 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

Argentina vs. Croatia, 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo

Friday, June 22, 2018

Brazil vs. Costa Rica, 8 a.m., FS1, Telemundo

Nigeria vs. Iceland, 11 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

Serbia vs. Switzerland, 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Belgium vs. Tunisia, 8 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

South Korea vs. Mexico, 11 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

Germany vs. Sweden, 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo

Sunday, June 24, 2018

England vs. Panama, 8 a.m., FS1, Telemundo

Japan vs. Senegal, 11 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

Poland vs. Colombia, 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo

Monday, June 25, 2018

Uruguay vs. Russia, 10 a.m., FOX, Telemundo or Universo

Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt, 10 a.m., FS1, Telemundo or Universo

Iran vs. Portugal, 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo or Universo

Spain vs. Morocco, 2 p.m., FS1, Telemundo or Universo

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Denmark vs. France, 10 a.m., FOX, Telemundo or Universo

Australia vs. Peru, 10 a.m., FS1, Telemundo or Universo

Nigeria vs. Argentina, 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo or Universo

Iceland vs. Croatia, 2 p.m., FS1, Telemundo or Universo

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mexico vs. Sweden, 10 a.m., FOX, Telemundo or Universo

South Korea vs. Germany, 10 a.m., FS1, Telemundo or Universo

Serbia vs. Brazil, 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo or Universo

Switzerland vs. Costa Rica, 2 p.m., FS1, Telemundo or Universo

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Japan vs. Poland, 10 a.m., FS1, Telemundo or Universo

Senegal vs. Colombia, 10 a.m., FOX, Telemundo or Universo

Panama vs. Tunisia, 2 p.m., FS1, Telemundo or Universo

England vs. Belgium, 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo or Universo

Round of 16

Saturday, June 30, 2018

TBD vs. TBD (Round of 16), 10 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

TBD vs. TBD (Round of 16), 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo

Sunday, July 1

TBD vs. TBD (Round of 16), 10 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

TBD vs. TBD (Round of 16), 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo

Monday, July 2

TBD vs. TBD (Round of 16), 10 a.m., FS1, Telemundo

TBD vs. TBD (Round of 16), 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo

Tuesday, July 3

TBD vs. TBD (Round of 16), 10 a.m., FS1, Telemundo

TBD vs. TBD (Round of 16), 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo

World Cup schedule quarterfinals

Friday, July 6

TBD vs. TBD (Quarterfinal), 10 a.m., FS1, Telemundo

TBD vs. TBD (Quarterfinal), 2 p.m., FS1, Telemundo

Saturday, July 7

TBD vs. TBD (Quarterfinal), 10 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

TBD vs. TBD (Quarterfinal), 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo

World Cup schedule semifinals

Tuesday, July 10

TBD vs. TBD (Semifinal), 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo

Wednesday, July 11

TBD vs. TBD (Semifinal), 2 p.m., FOX, Telemundo

Saturday, July 14, 2018

TBD vs. TBD (3rd place final), 10 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

Sunday, July 15, 2018

TBD vs. TBD (Final), 11 a.m., FOX, Telemundo

Enjoy the games!

Turner Sports Wins Champions League Cable TV Rights

The Champions League is the cream of the crop of European football (soccer), with the top teams from each country’s top league competing to see who the best team in Europe is. Turner Sports has won the English-language cable TV rights for the Champions League from Fox, who was the previous rights holder for both English and Spanish language TV rights. Univision will hold the Spanish language TV rights.

More from Awful Announcing:

Turner will pay $60 million a year for three years, beginning in fall 2018 and stretching through spring 2021.

Turner was somewhat of a surprise bidder, given that it has not aired any soccer coverage since the 1990 World Cup. The network will have to build an entire soccer operation essentially from scratch and will likely be looking outside the company for the new faces of its soccer coverage.

According to SBD, Fox’s bid for these rights was nowhere near what Turner offered. Fox has held Champions League rights since 2009 and has focused much attention on soccer coverage, with rights to the World Cup and MLS.

NBC, which owns rights to the English Premier League, reportedly submitted only a “token bid” for the Champions League.

Turner is becoming a major player in sports television once again, and expanding its audience to the younger crowd drawn more to soccer than the traditional American sports audience. Turner also holds rights to the NBA, MLB Playoffs, and March Madness.

ESPN Remains in the European Soccer Cable TV Arena

ESPN, the Disney-owned cable TV sports broadcasting powerhouse, will maintain its stranglehold over US English-language European soccer viewing with a new deal announced today locking up the rights to all UEFA national team competitions through the 2022 World Cup Qualification process.

Here are the details of the deal, via Awful Announcing:

ESPN and ESPN2: Will televise all 51 matches live (June-July 2020); Additional coverage will include pre-match, halftime and post-match programming, branded news and highlights shows on match days, unlimited re-air rights across all networks and media platforms, magazine programs, and more;

ESPN3: Will offer exclusive content from live events on television and alternate streams to complement big game on linear television. All matches, not including the alternate streams, will be available for replay;

ESPN Audio: English-language broadcast rights to 51 matches;

WatchESPN App: Will stream all matches and ancillary programming;

SportsCenter and ESPN FC: Extensive highlights rights on ESPN signature studio programs, including in-progress highlights; Extensive coverage via dedicated UEFA EURO 2020 sections featuring video highlights, news clips, reports, columns, blogging, match previews, player profiles and real-time data. Additionally, the digital sites have the option to create digital-exclusive programming;

ESPN Social: Rights clips and shareable content across ESPN FC handles on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, et al.

Fox Sports has the rights to the upcoming World Cups, and NBC Sports holds English Premier League rights, so with this move ESPN is remaining in the game when it comes to the world’s most popular sport, which is growing in interest in the United States as well.

FS1 to Air FIFA Presidential Election on Cable TV

Fox Sports 1 (FS1), Fox’s attempt to compete with ESPN for 24 hour sports coverage on cable TV, will air extensive coverage of the FIFA Presidential Election on February 26, with six hours of programming dedicated to the event beginning at 3am EST, and additional preview programming the night before at 6pm EST.

More from Fox Sports:

“This is an important news story with international repercussions, and as the primary home for televised soccer in the U.S., it’s our duty to cover it, and cover it well,” said David Nathanson, FOX Sports’ Head of Business Operations. “We look forward to working closely with FIFA and the incoming president as we gear up for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and beyond.”

FS1’s wall-to-wall coverage begins on Thursday, Feb. 25 with a one-hour pre-election special at 6:00 PM ET. Hosted by Rob Stone, the program features exclusive sit-down interviews with each of the five candidates, Prince Ali Al Hussein, Sheikh Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa, Jerome Champagne, Gianni Infantino and Tokyo Sexwale, courtesy of FOX Sports soccer insider Grant Wahl and sister network Sky Sports in the U.K.

In the early morning hours on Friday in the U.S. (3:00-9:00 AM ET), Stone anchors more than six hours of live coverage from the FOX Network Center in Los Angeles as the process to elect a new FIFA president plays out. Analyst Alexi Lalas and contributor Mark Young join Stone in-studio, while Sky Sports’ Kate Abdo and Wahl provide the channel’s live coverage from the Hallenstadion in Zurich. Expanded coverage continues post 9:00 AM on FS2.

Election coverage is also live streamed via FOX Sports GO, FOX Soccer 2Go and online at Viewers can also follow the commentary via social media on Facebook ( and Twitter (@FOXSoccer).

FS1 is channel 219 on DIRECTV, and is also available on all major cable TV providers.

When it Comes to Ratings, NFL Football is Still King

If you have any doubt that the National Football League has replaced Major League Baseball as the pastime of choice for American sports fans, this should clear it up for you: despite the fact that the Chicago Cubs are playing October baseball for the first time in a long time, and competing to end a more than century-long World Series drought, the ratings are still higher in the city of Chicago for a middling Chicago Bears team that’s really only competing not to wind up in the basement of the league come winter.

According to the Sherman Report:

Through five regular-season games, the Bears are averaging a 23.6 rating in Chicago; 1 local ratings point is worth an estimated 35,000 homes. Meanwhile, the Cubs’ five postseason games generated a 19.4 rating on TBS.

A couple of factors come into play. TBS is a cable station that is seen in 86 percent of the nation’s homes. All five Bears games have aired on network television on Fox and CBS. Typically, cable ratings are 10-15 percent lower than the network’s.

However, the counter is that all five Bears games were played on Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile, two of the Cubs’ playoffs aired completely in primetime, and two others had finishes that pushed into primetime. Ratings usually are higher in primetime than during the afternoon.

Beyond that, Monday Night Football has consistently outdrawn playoff baseball, even when combining multiple contests played between the Cubs and Cardinals and the Mets and Dodgers, with a Pittsburgh Steelers-San Diego Chargers game dwarfing the ratings of baseball games involving the nation’s three largest markets.

For more news on sports and cable ratings, stay tuned to the TV, Internet and Phone Blog.

NFL Sunday Ticket on DIRECTV – Week 5 Schedule

The National Football League season is progressing along, not quite as planned for many NFL teams. The previously unbeaten Arizona Cardinals lost a nailbiter to the St. Louis Rams, while the Seattle Seahawks eked out yet another controversial Monday Night Football victory. There are plenty of great matchups this week, including the aforementioned Seahawks taking on the still unbeaten Cincinnati Bengals, the upstart Rams taking on the Green Bay Packers, and more.

Here is the entire NFL Sunday Ticket schedule for Week 5, only available with DIRECTV:

  • 1pm EDT
    • Washington Redskins at Atlanta Falcons – 705
    • Seattle Seahawks at Cincinnati Bengals – 706
    • Chicago Bears at Kansas City Chiefs – 707
    • New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles – 708
    • Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens – 709
    • Louis Rams at Green Bay Packers – 710
    • Jacksonville Jaguars at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 711
    • Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans – 712
  • 4:05 EDT
    • Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions – 713
  • 4:25 EDT
    • New England Patriots at Dallas Cowboys – 714
    • Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders – 715

As always, if you don’t have Sunday Ticket and want to get every game, every Sunday, contact Mid-America Satellite.