MLB National Cable TV Schedule 6/10-6/16

With the NBA and NHL drawing to a close for the year, sports fans not interested in the Women’s World Cup will have to turn to baseball to feed their sports addictions until the NFL shows back up in August and September. That means St. Louis and the Boston area will turn back into baseball towns, and fans across the nation will tune into ESPN, ESPN+, and the MLB Network for their sports fix.

Here’s the schedule for nationally televised games for this week, all times Eastern:

Monday, June 10

7:00p Mets-Yankees
or Rangers-Red Sox

Tuesday, June 11

7:00p Mets-Yankees ESPN
Reds-Indians ESPN+
10:00p Dodgers-Angels
or Padres-Giants (JIP)

Wednesday, June 12

Noon A’s-Rays
or Reds-Indians (1:00p)
3:00p Cubs-Rockies MLBN
8:00p Brewers-Astros ESPN
Tigers-Royals ESPN+
11:00p Padres-Giants (JIP) MLBN

Thursday, June 13

Noon Pirates-Braves
or Mariners-Twins (1:00p)
7:00p Blue Jays-Orioles ESPN+
8:00p Tigers-Royals ESPN
11:00p Cubs-Dodgers (JIP) MLBN

Friday, June 14

7:00p Cardinals-Mets
or D’Backs-Nationals
10:00p Cubs-Dodgers ESPN+

Saturday, June 15

1:00p Angels-Rays MLBN,
4:00p D’Backs-Nationals FS1
7:00p Indians-Tigers (JIP)
or Pirates-Marlins (JIP)
9:00p Cubs-Dodgers
or Mariners-A’s

Sunday, June 16

1:00p Phillies-Braves
or Cardinals-Mets
Rangers-Reds ESPN+
7:00p Cubs-Dodgers ESPN

Our highlight for the week is the interleague matchup between the Milwaukee Brewers, having a good year, and their former division rivals, now American League transplants, the Houston Astros.

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NBA National TV Schedule 4/9 – 4/10, 2019

Only two days of national NBA tv broadcasts remain in the regular season before the playoff matchups can be set up. Some matchups and seeding remain to be decided, and during both national broadcasts during halftime and breaks the broadcasters will be watching the other games to see how the standings shake out. By the end of the Timberwolves-Nuggets game on Wednesday on ESPN, we should know how the playoff schedule will stack up, and how the results of this week’s and last week’s games affect the standings.

Here is the schedule for the week, all times eastern for the Celtics and Magic fans in Millbury and Orlando.

Tuesday, April 9
7:00p Celtics-Wizards TNT
9:30p Rockets-Thunder TNT
Wednesday, April 10
8:00p Magic-Hornets ESPN
10:30p T’Wolves-Nuggets ESPN

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NHL National Cable TV Schedule 1/17– 1/23, 2019

Like the NBA schedule for the week, this week’s lineup on national TV for the NHL is also busy. With 17 games airing across NBC Sports Network, ESPN+, and the NHL Network on cable TV as well as on NBC on broadcast TV, the NHL is kicking into high gear on your TV dial. There’s less NFL football to watch, college football is over, and fans from St. Cloud, MN to Arlington, TX will be tuning in to the hard-hitting action.

Here’s the full schedule for the week, all listed times Eastern.

Thursday, January 17
7:00p Blackhawks-Rangers NBCSN
7:30p Maple Leafs-Lightning ESPN+
8:00p Jets-Predators ESPN+
Friday, January 18
7:30p Islanders-Capitals ESPN+
9:00p Red Wings-Flames ESPN+
Saturday, January 19
7:00p Rangers-Bruins
or Jets-Stars
NHL Network
Flyers-Canadiens ESPN+
10:00p Penguins-Golden Knights ESPN+
Sunday, January 20
12:30p Capitals-Blackhawks NBC
4:00p Red Wings-Canucks ESPN+
7:00p Coyotes-Maple Leafs NHL Network
Monday, January 21
3:00p Predators-Avalanche ESPN+
4:00p Blues-Kings NBCSN
Tuesday, January 22
7:00p Sharks-Capitals ESPN+
9:00p Red Wings-Oilers NBCSN
Wednesday, January 23
7:30p Capitals-Maple Leafs NBCSN
10:00p Predators-Golden Knights NBCSN
10:30p Hurricanes-Canucks ESPN+

Our pick of the week is Thursday’s ESPN+ matchup between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Tampa Bay Lightning. A potential conference finals matchup in the East, both teams are Stanley Cup favorites and play an exciting, offense-driven style that translates well to the TV screen. Crisp passes, speedy rushes, and vicious snipes aplenty can be expected from this matchup.

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NHL National Cable TV Schedule 1/10– 1/16, 2019

If NBA basketball isn’t your thing and NHL hockey is, stay up to date each week at the TV, Internet, and Phone Blog with our NHL national cable TV hockey schedule. Each week, we preview some games to watch and provide listings for all the nationally available games of the week. This week’s schedule for hockey fans from Syracuse, NY to Yakima, WA and everywhere in between is just below. All times Eastern.

Thursday, January 10
7:00p Capitals-Bruins ESPN+
8:00p Jets-Wild NBCSN
10:00p Sharks-Golden Knights ESPN+
Friday, January 11
7:30p Sabres-Hurricanes NHL Network
10:00p Penguins-Ducks ESPN+
Saturday, January 12
1:00p Flyers-Devils NHL Network
Rangers-Islanders ESPN+
7:00p Bruins-Maple Leafs
or Avalanche-Canadiens
NHL Network
Blue Jackets-Capitals ESPN+
8:30p Golden Knights-Blackhawks ESPN+
Sunday, January 13
6:00p Rangers-Blue Jackets
or Ducks-Jets
NHL Network
7:00p Lightning-Islanders ESPN+
Monday, January 14
7:00p Avalanche-Maple Leafs ESPN+
7:30p Canadiens-Bruins NBCSN
Tuesday, January 15
8:00p Kings-Wild NBCSN
10:00p Penguins-Sharks ESPN+
Wednesday, January 16
7:30p Bruins-Flyers NBCSN
9:30p Sabres-Flames ESPN+
10:00p Sharks-Coyotes NBCSN

This week’s biggest rivalry game is between Original Six foes the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins. The game airs Monday on NBC Sports Network and sees the teams separated by less than two games in the standings, with the Bruins currently in a playoff spot and the Habs on the outside looking in. These two teams play each other tough even when they’re both out of the playoff race—the fact that they’re both clawing for position in the Atlantic Division will make this rivalry game even rougher.

Another game between teams playing well is the Sabres-Flames tilt on January 16. The Flames are at the top of the West and the Sabres, after several years of mediocrity, are in playoff position behind young stars Jack Eichel and Jeff Skinner. It should be a fast-moving, high-scoring matchup.

What games are you interested in? Let us know in the comments.

NHL National Cable TV Schedule 12/27, 2019 – 1/2, 2019

After a brief Christmas break where the NBA dominates the consciousness, the NHL returns this Thursday with the schedule back in full swing. We’re more than a quarter of the way through the season, so the standings picture is getting clearer and we’re finding out which teams are ones to watch and which ones are not—the Blues and Blackhawks, for example, shouldn’t interest anyone outside of loyal diehard fans in St. Louis, Chicago, and parts of Illinois like Lebanon between.

For example the Blue Jackets and Leafs, who play Friday on ESPN+, are contenders rather than pretenders, each standing at second place in their respective divisions behind only the red-hot Capitals and Lightning. Those Capitals play the Central second-place Predators on Monday, a good rowdy game that should lead nicely into New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Here’s the full national TV schedule for the week ahead.

Thursday, December 27
7:00p Red Wings-Penguins ESPN+
7:30p Flyers-Lightning NBCSN
8:30p Wild-Blackhawks ESPN+
Friday, December 28
7:00p Maple Leafs-Blue Jackets ESPN+
Saturday, December 29
7:00p Islanders-Maple Leafs ESPN+
8:00p Rangers-Predators ESPN+
Sunday, December 30
8:00p Golden Knights-Coyotes ESPN+
Monday, December 31
12:30p Predators-Capitals NHL Network
6:00p Penguins-Wild ESPN+
7:00p Rangers-Blues ESPN+
Tuesday, January 1
1:00p Bruins-Blackhawks NBC
Wednesday, January 2
7:00p Penguins-Rangers NBCSN
9:30p Sharks-Avalanche NBCSN

Another game to watch concludes the schedule this week, with the always strong in the regular season San Jose Sharks taking on Central Division contenders the Colorado Avalanche. The Avs have the best first line in hockey right now, and the Sharks will always be a thorn in the side in the regular season—though they still haven’t proven it in the playoffs.

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NHL National Cable TV Schedule 12/20 – 12/26, 2018

Compared to last week’s schedule, this week’s is a bit abbreviated with the Christmas break giving teams time to rest and recuperate. Some teams, like St. Louis’s own struggling Blues, could use the break spending time back in St. Louis County and trying to get it together for the post-Christmas push. Other teams, like the Nashville Predators, would probably prefer to remain away from Tennessee and keep their momentum going.

Those same Predators lead off this week’s national TV schedule on ESPN+ against the Philadelphia Flyers and their trending mascot Gritty. The rest of the schedule is below:

Thursday, December 20
7:00p Predators-Flyers ESPN+
10:00p Blues-Canucks ESPN+
Friday, December 21
7:00p Sabres-Capitals NBCSN
9:00p Blackhawks-Avalanche ESPN+
Saturday, December 22
1:00p Predators-Bruins NHL Network
Blue Jackets-Flyers ESPN+
7:00p Rangers-Maple Leafs
or Capitals-Senators
NHL Network
10:00p Lightning-Oilers ESPN+
Sunday, December 23
7:00p Flyers-Rangers
or Red Wings-Maple Leafs
NHL Network
Panthers-Blackhawks ESPN+

The game of the week is probably Friday’s NBC Sports Network matchup between the Washington Capitals and the upstart Buffalo Sabres. The Capitals are doing well in their Cup defending season, but the Sabres and young stars Jack Eichel and Jeff Skinner are showing that years of tanking might have been worth it. For the exact opposite of awesome, check out the Blues and Canucks Thursday on ESPN+.

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NHL National Cable TV Schedule 12/13 – 12/19, 2018

This week’s national TV hockey schedule is just the opposite of last week—chock full of games on a number of platforms. Many readers of this blog are fans of the as-of-right now lowly St. Louis Blues—and lucky for those fans, the basement-dwelling Blues are not on the national TV docket this week, so viewers from East Alton to Maryland Heights can tune in and see some hockey, as opposed to whatever it is the Blues have been doing.

Here’s the schedule for the week, all times Eastern:

Thursday, December 13
7:30p Maple Leafs-Lightning ESPN+
8:00p Canucks-Predators ESPN+
Friday, December 14
7:00p Bruins-Penguins ESPN+
Saturday, December 15
7:00p Kings-Penguins
or Maple Leafs-Panthers
NHL Network
Sabres-Capitals ESPN+
10:00p Flyers-Canucks ESPN+
Sunday, December 16
12:30p Golden Knights-Rangers NHL Network
5:00p Sabres-Bruins NHL Network
7:00p Sharks-Blackhawks ESPN+
10:00p Oilers-Canucks ESPN+
Monday, December 17
7:00p Ducks-Penguins NHL Network
7:30p Bruins-Canadiens ESPN+
Tuesday, December 18
7:00p Red Wings-Flyers ESPN+
8:30p Predators-Blackhawks NBCSN
Wednesday, December 19
8:00p Penguins-Capitals NBCSN

Particular matchups to watch out for include next Wednesday’s Rivalry Night matchup on NBC Sports Network between the defending Cup champion Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins, who aren’t having the greatest season but always play the Caps close; and the always tough Bruins-Canadiens matchup on Monday on ESPN+, where two original six rivals meet to stir the pot.

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