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Charter Communications Adds New COO

Charter Communications, the MSO based in St. Louis, continues to add new talent at the top. A new CEO, Tom Rutledge, formerly of Cablevision, was named to the top position in December and now, according to Multichannel News, Rutledge has added his former second in command at Cablevision, John Bickham, to the position of COO at Charter Communications.

At Charter, Bickham will manage all operations across the MSO’s customer base of 4.8 million customer relationships. Bickham has years of experience in the cable television¬† and service provider industry, having spent 18 years at Time Warner Cable before serving under Rutledge at Cablevision. Bickham will be the first COO to hold the position since 2010. Adding Bickham to the team will relieve some of the day to day pressure of work on the CEO, freeing him up to develop more plans moving forward for the company rather than handling the day to day operations.

John Bickham will likely receive as much as $30 million over the next four years in his role running day to day operations for Charter Communications. The cable company serves nearly five million customers in the Midwest and across the country, with the customer base most concentrated around the company’s flagship in St. Louis, MO.

In the St. Louis area in particular, there are many businesses that work with Charter Communications to bring cable, internet, and phone service from Charter to customers in the area. It is not yet known if John Bickham will be working to expand the service of these businesses, like The Charter Bundle. Strategy and operations from the new CEO and COO are likely to come out more in the year to come as they both have settled into their roles atop the communications giant.

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