Charter Attempting to Bring Spectrum Wireless Internet to Rural Areas

As one of the two largest high speed internet providers in the nation, Charter Spectrum provides internet access in urban, suburban, and some outlying rural areas. Via a new filing with the FCC, it appears the company is looking to expand that rural reach without wired infrastructure necessary by testing wireless internet in some rural areas.

More from Fierce Wireless:

“Charter is currently testing in the 3.5 GHz Band in rural communities to determine the most effective means for deploying in this band, and already has determined that it can provide speeds of at least 25/3 Mbps at significant distances,” the company wrote in a recent FCC filing. The company did not provide specific distances. “Charter plans to continue testing in rural communities to investigate further how to expand the speeds and services it delivers.”

Indeed, Charter hinted that—based on the results of its tests—it may well rely on wireless technologies to expand its overall coverage area.

“The 3.5 GHz Band remains an important component of Charter’s wireless strategy,” the company wrote. “Charter is currently conducting trials in this band to confirm that wireless access technologies at frequencies such as 3.5 GHz could be suitable for rural broadband and providing wireline-like broadband connectivity and speeds. The adoption of appropriate rules that encourage deployment and investment by new entrants will also be a critical element of Charter’s evaluation of 3.5 GHz licenses as part of its overall wireless strategy.”

Rural internet access has been a problem in some areas of the United States, causing a disparity in educational and workforce opportunities in a world that is increasingly dependent upon being online. If new wireless technologies can help to lessen that gap, it will be helpful not only for rural Americans, but for everyone.

The Best High-Speed Internet Provider for Rapid City, SD

While only 84% of South Dakota residents have access to high-speed internet services from leading service providers, 100% of the residents of Rapid City, SD have access to high-speed internet, with four companies competing for the high-speed internet dollar. While there aren’t as many provider options as in some larger Midwest cities, you can still get great internet service in Rapid City if you make the right choice.

So what’s the best high-speed internet provider in Rapid City, SD? Let’s look at the speeds to see who comes out on top.

Internet Speeds for Rapid City, SD

Out of the four internet providers in Rapid City, SD, Vast Broadband has the fastest available speeds, with its top service for the area offering 125 Mbps downloads—with 200 Mbps available in some Vast Broadband areas. Serving what was formerly the WOW! Cable service area, Vast Broadband is available in about 95% of homes.

Available in 100% of homes in Rapid City proper, up next in terms of speed is Midcontinent Communications with a top available speed of 100 Mbps. If you live in an area where Vast is not available, this is the fastest option.

Coming in third place at 80 Mbps is Centurylink, with HughesNet satellite internet bringing up the rear with a top speed of 25 Mbps.

Who to Choose

With a combination of speed and affordability, Vast Broadband offers the best option for high-speed internet in Rapid City, SD. If you live in an area not served by Vast Broadband, Midcontinent Communications is the way to go, and if you’re in a rural area not reached by wired internet services, HughesNet offers a satellite option.

Check back often to the TV, Internet and Phone Blog for more recommendations and evaluations for high-speed internet and cable TV services in a city near you.

2016-17’s Most Popular Shows, 18-49

With so many options available to viewers, from internet streaming options to online gaming, it makes sense that the ratings for the top shows on TV would be down. But there are still a lot of popular shows on broadcast and cable TV, and in the coveted, high-spending 18-49 demographic, the leading show was not a broadcast show, it was AMC’s The Walking Dead. Below, courtesy of Nielsen as reported by Indiewire, are the rest of the top 50.

1 The Walking Dead AMC 8.0
2 NFL Sunday Night Football NBC 6.9
3 NFL Thursday Night Football NBC/NFL Network 5.2
4 NFL Thursday Night Football CBS/NFL Network 5.0
5 The Big Bang Theory CBS 4.9
6 This Is Us NBC 4.8
7 Empire Fox 4.3
8 NFL Monday Night Football ESPN 3.9
9 Modern Family ABC 3.7
10 Grey’s Anatomy ABC 3.5
11 American Horror Story FX 3.4
12 The Bachelor ABC 3.1
13 The Voice (Monday + Tuesday) NBC 3.0
14 Designated Survivor ABC 2.9
15 How To Get Away With Murder ABC

Scandal ABC

17 Survivor CBS

Talking Dead AMC


Chicago Fire NBC

The Goldbergs ABC

22 Law & Order: SVU NBC

Criminal Minds CBS

Black-ish ABC

Lethal Weapon Fox

Chicago PD  NBC

27 Bull CBS

Kevin Can Wait CBS

Speechless ABC

30 The Simpsons Fox

American Housewife ABC

The Middle ABC

Dancing With the Stars ABC

The Blacklist NBC

Timeless NBC

Chicago Med NBC

24: Legacy Fox

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 6 VH1

39 Scorpion CBS

Star Fox

Hunted CBS

Family Guy Fox

43 Life in Pieces CBS


The Good Place NBC

NCIS: New Orleans CBS

The Flash The CW

Gotham Fox

Saturday Night Football ABC

50 Lucifer Fox

Blue Bloods CBS

The Great Indoors CBS

The Mick Fox

NCIS: Los Angeles CBS

Blindspot NBC

Hawaii Five-O CBS

60 Minutes CBS

South Park Comedy Central

Prison Break Fox

Little Big Shots NBC



NFL Sunday Ticket on DIRECTV – Week 10 Schedule

The only way for NFL fans to catch every game, every Sunday on their home TVs is with NFL Sunday Ticket, exclusively available from DIRECTV. NFL Sunday Ticket and DIRECTV are both available from Mid-America Satellite. Check back each week for the times and listings for Sunday’s games on NFL Sunday Ticket right here at the TV, Internet and Phone Blog.

Here’s the Sunday afternoon schedule for Week 10 of NFL action:

  • 1pm EDT
    • Kansas City Chiefs at Carolina Panthers – Channel 705
    • Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars – Channel 706
    • Denver Broncos at New Orleans Saints – Channel 707
    • Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets – Channel 708
    • Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles – Channel 709
    • Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Channel 710
    • Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans – Channel 711
    • Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins – Channel 712
  • 4:05pm EDT
    • Miami Dolphins at San Diego Chargers – Channel 713
  • 4:25pm EDT
    • San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals – Channel 714
    • Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers – Channel 715

Enjoy the games!

NFL Sunday Ticket on DIRECTV – Week 6 Schedule

The only way for NFL fans to catch every game, every Sunday on their home TVs is with NFL Sunday Ticket, exclusively available from DIRECTV. NFL Sunday Ticket and DIRECTV are both available from Mid-America Satellite. Check back each week for the times and listings for Sunday’s games on NFL Sunday Ticket right here at the TV, Internet and Phone Blog.

Here’s the Sunday afternoon schedule for Week 6 of NFL action:

  • 1pm EDT
    • Jacksonville Jaguars at Chicago Bears – Channel 705
    • Pittsburgh Steelers at Miami Dolphins – Channel 706
    • Cincinnati Bengals at New England Patriots – Channel 707
    • Baltimore Ravens at New York Giants – Channel 708
    • Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans – Channel 709
    • San Francisco 49ers at Buffalo Bills – Channel 710
    • Los Angeles Rams at Detroit Lions – Channel 711
    • Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints – Channel 712
    • Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins – Channel 713
  • 4:05pm EDT
    • Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders – Channel 714
  • 4:25pm EDT
    • Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers – Channel 715
    • Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks – Channel 716

Enjoy the games!

Declining Landline Phone Usage Means Layoffs for CenturyLink

Citing the need to lower costs, Monroe, Louisiana based CenturyLink is cutting 3,000 jobs, meaning it is cutting between seven and eight percent of its total workforce. The reason? The decline in landline phone business, as many more customers are choosing to go entirely with their cell phones and leave home phone dedicated lines behind.

More from the Denver Post:

CenturyLink said it is seeking to first trim its headcount on a voluntary basis. Employees who take voluntary severance packages can participate in outplacement assistance programs.

Company spokesman Mark Molzen said most of the layoffs are expected to be done by Dec. 16.

CenturyLink, which acquired Denver’s Qwest in 2011, has been cutting staff locally. In 2011, the company employed 7,400 people in Colorado. Earlier this year, the company employed 5,300 in the state.

The company has gone prior rounds of job cuts. In August 2015, it announced its decision to cut 1,000 workers nationwide, which includedabout 150 in Colorado.

Though staff has shrunk, the company said that its TV business has grown. As of June 30, the company had 311,000 customers, up from 258,000 the prior year and up 9,000 from first quarter.

In August, CenturyLink said subscribers to its TV service Prism TV have grown with about 500,000 homes in the Denver area that can order the cable-like video service. The company also has made its high-speed gigabit internet service available to about 160,000 homes in the Denver area.

Changes in technology continue to hurt the legacy business of major telecom providers. As long as there is a need for high speed internet providers, though, they should be okay.

Canadian Company Gets into the High Speed Internet Game in Connecticut

The fastest internet speeds in the state of Connecticut don’t come from any of the usual suspects, with high speed internet providers being left behind, and no, it’s not Google Fiber coming to bring gigabit speeds to the Constitution State. Instead, Atlantic Broadband, a Canadian company, will be the first ultra high speed provider for Connecticut, with more than 37,000 homes and businesses in Eastern Connecticut receiving the service that launched last week.

More from the Hartford Courant:

Bringing so-called gigabit service to Connecticut is an important step as state officials seek to establish the high-speed service in the state, insisting it will boost business and economic development, speeding up streaming, video and online transactions.

David Isenberg, president of Atlantic Broadband, said the high-speed service “will transform the way people communicate, work and play online” and could have a positive impact on the local economy and attract new businesses.

A “gig” refers to internet speeds of one gigabit-per-second, with one gig about 100 times faster than the average household Internet speed. A gigabit is equal to 1,000 megabits.

Nationally, internet speeds average about nine megabits per second, according to Comptroller Kevin Lembo, who is working with state Consumer Counsel Elin Swanson Katz to broaden high-speeed service in Connecticut.

Atlantic Broadband, a subsidiary of Cogeco Communications Inc., a cable operator in Quebec and Ontario, says customers may download a two-hour HD movie in 32 seconds and send a large file 250 megabits in size to the office in 40 seconds.

Residential service costs $89.99 a month and businesses pay $249.99 a month.

Paul Cianelli, president of the New England Cable and Telecommunications Association, called Atlantic Broadband’s new service the “first foray” in Connecticut into high-speed residential internet service.

The major players in the US, such as Comcast and Charter, are not in danger yet, but the more that companies like this make inroads and offer superior services, the more people who are already looking to get away from the big cable providers—particularly those who have already, or want to, get rid of their cable TV service, will be ready to cut that cord.