NBA National TV Schedule 12/11 – 12/17, 2018

This week, there are enough great games on the NBA national TV schedule that it might be easiest to point out which one NOT to watch—and that would be Mavericks vs. Suns, the second half of the TNT doubleheader, which will only be of interest to those local markets—and maybe not even the local market in Yuma, Arizona, as the Suns are literally the only team in the Western Conference that is definitively not going to the playoffs. Those in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metroplex, however, will want to check in and see how rookie stud Luka Doncic is performing.

Here’s the full schedule for the week, all times Eastern:

Tuesday, December 11
8:00p Blazers-Rockets NBA TV
10:30p Raptors-Clippers NBA TV
Wednesday, December 12
8:00p Thunder-Pelicans ESPN
10:30p Raptors-Warriors ESPN
Thursday, December 13
8:00p Lakers-Rockets TNT
10:30p Mavs-Suns TNT
Friday, December 14
7:30p Pacers-Sixers ESPN
10:00p Thunder-Nuggets ESPN
Saturday, December 15
5:00p Jazz-Magic NBA TV
Monday, December 17
8:00p Jazz-Rockets NBA TV
10:30p Grizzlies-Warriors NBA TV

Last week was good for some teams and bad for others. The Jazz got back to .500 and then fell below it with a couple of lackluster performances—they’ll be playing the Rockets and Magic on NBATV this week. The Thunder and Nuggets are both chugging along, and they’ll be concluding the Friday night ESPN doubleheader fighting for the top of the Western Conference.

The week’s biggest game, though, is likely the Raptors and Warriors rematch Wednesday night on ESPN. Toronto pulled out a squeaker at home against the defending champs, but this one is in the Bay, and Steph Curry is back and putting on a clinic.

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NHL National Cable TV Schedule 12/6 – 12/12, 2018

Unlike last week, this week is a light schedule for national cable TV hockey, with broadcast teams preparing for the holidays and the upcoming Winter Classic, which will be played from Notre Dame and feature the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins.

This week, both games feature iconic teams. The Detroit Red Wings are one of the original six teams with a long history of champions, who featured the man who until Wayne Gretzky appeared was the greatest hockey player of all time, Gordie Howe. They’ll play the Capitals on Tuesday, in a matchup of historic champion and most recent winner. The game will surely be a big draw in Michigan from Hancock to Kalamazoo.

Wednesday’s NBC Sports Network game will feature another matchup of historic favorite and recent champ—though in this case, both teams are struggling after a recent history of multiple Cup wins. The Blackhawks fired longtime coach Joel Quenneville and are trying to get back on the track that had them win three championships over six years. The Penguins are coming off a long losing streak after winning two Cups in a row two years ago. Both fan bases are struggling to keep interest, but surely Pennsylvania will be tuned in, from Sharpsville to Hallstead.

Tuesday, December 11
7:30p Red Wings-Capitals NBCSN
Wednesday, December 12
8:00p Penguins-Blackhawks NBCSN

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NBA National TV Schedule 12/4 – 12/10, 2018

It’s a heavy week for NBA basketball on national TV, starting with a matchup between two teams who would probably like to be off to better starts this season, the Utah Jazz and the Spurs of San Antonio, both teams who made the playoffs last year but at the moment are on the outside, looking in, in the Western Conference and wanting to turn it around.

Here is the full schedule for this week, including games featuring the Warriors and Raptors, who played one of the best games of the year so far last week.

Tuesday, December 4
9:00p Spurs-Jazz NBA TV
Wednesday, December 5
8:00p Sixers-Raptors ESPN
10:30p Spurs-Lakers ESPN
Thursday, December 6
8:00p Knicks-Celtics TNT
10:30p Rockets-Jazz TNT
Friday, December 7
7:00p Sixers-Pistons ESPN
9:30p Warriors-Bucks ESPN
Saturday, December 8
7:30p Wizards-Cavs NBA TV
Sunday, December 9
6:00p Bucks-Raptors NBA TV
Monday, December 10
7:30p Pelicans-Celtics NBA TV
10:30p Heat-Lakers NBA TV

Other games to watch out for include next Monday’s battle between the team Lebron won two championships with, the Miami Heat, and his current team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Viewers across both of these sunshine states, Florida and California, will surely be tuned in, with viewers in Lebron’s hometown of Akron also probably giving the ratings a bump.

In addition, next Sunday’s matchup between the Raptors and Bucks is a possible Eastern Conference Finals preview and features three possible MVP candidates, with the Bucks featuring the Greek Freak and the Raptors starting both Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard.

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NHL National Cable TV Schedule 11/29 – 12/5, 2018

The St. Louis Blues have continued to disappoint—to the point that last week the team fired head coach Mike Yeo, and they still lost two of three of their next games. Meanwhile, the Golden Knights and Capitals, last year’s conference champions and the Stanley Cup Finals matchup, are picking up steam and building momentum—maybe toward a rematch?

Well, that’s months away. But both teams are playing in nationally broadcast games this week, with Thursday featuring the Golden Knights taking on the upstart Vancouver Canucks on ESPN+, and on Friday the Capitals hosting the Devils on NHL Network.

Here is the full schedule for the week’s nationally televised games, available on your TV whether you live in Odessa, FL, Medford, OR, or somewhere in between.

Thursday, November 29
10:00p Golden Knights-Canucks ESPN+
Friday, November 30
7:00p Devils-Capitals NHL Network
9:00p Blues-Avalanche ESPN+
Tuesday, December 4
7:30p Maple Leafs-Sabres NBCSN
Wednesday, December 5
8:00p Oilers-Blues NBCSN
10:30p Blackhawks-Ducks NBCSN

Next Wednesday, the Blues will face another team with a new coach—and a familiar face—as they take on the Edmonton Oilers, who fired Todd McClellan and replaced him with the Blues’ former coach Ken Hitchcock, who led the team to their most successful seasons in ages, including a trip to the conference finals just a few short years ago. Both teams need a reset, as high expectations—a high payroll for the Blues, the best player in the world in Connor McDavid playing for the Oilers—have definitely not been met.

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NBA National TV Schedule 11/27 – 12/3, 2018

While the Raptors are settling in at the top of the Eastern Conference, the Western Conference is wide open, with only three games separating the 14th place Utah Jazz from the 8th seed and the playoffs. The Warriors are struggling a little with Steph Curry out and the Los Angeles Clippers are surprisingly at the top despite having not a single superstar—and last week they had a few more big wins to get in good position heading into the holidays.

Here is the full schedule for this week’s games, available across the nation from Albany, NY to Wenatchee, WA.

Tuesday, November 27
9:00p Lakers-Nuggets NBA TV
Wednesday, November 28
7:00p Knicks-Sixers NBA TV
10:00p Magic-Blazers NBA TV
Thursday, November 29
8:00p Warriors-Raptors TNT
10:30p Clippers-Kings TNT
Friday, November 30
8:00p Rockets-Spurs ESPN
10:30p Nuggets-Blazers ESPN
Saturday, December 1
8:00p Celtics-T’Wolves NBA TV
Monday, December 3
7:00p Thunder-Pistons NBA TV

Thursday is the real day to watch this week, as on TNT’s double-header the conference favorites from each conference battle in Toronto with the Warriors taking on the Raptors, followed by a late game showcasing the surprisingly good Clippers and Kings. Another Western Conference battle on ESPN Friday night has two more good teams in the late spot, with the Nuggets taking on the Blazers. Finally, tonight Lebron and his Lakers will take on those same Nuggets, led by Nikola Jokic and his point-center passing skills.

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NHL National Cable TV Schedule 11/22 – 11/28, 2018

Like last week, it’s a busy week for NHL national broadcasts, with games on NBC Sports Network, the NHL Network, ESPN+, and even, the day after Thanksgiving, on NBC. Though the Blues game will appear in market on Fox Sports Midwest, it will also be on ESPN+ for those who live outside of the St. Louis metro area. The big national matchup this week is the day game on Friday between longtime rivals the Rangers and Flyers, sure to be watched across New York and Pennsylvania. For those up late on Saturday, the Sharks will look for revenge for last year’s playoff loss to the Vegas Golden Knights.

Here is the full schedule of games available nationally this week.

Friday, November 23
1:00p Rangers-Flyers NBC
4:00p Red Wings-Capitals ESPN+
7:30p Blackhawks-Lightning NBCSN
8:00p Predators-Blues ESPN+
Saturday, November 24
2:00p Capitals-Rangers NHL Network
7:00p Flyers-Maple Leafs NHL Network
7:00p Blue Jackets-Penguins ESPN+
10:00p Sharks-Golden Knights ESPN+
Sunday, November 25
7:00p Devils-Lightning ESPN+
8:00p Ducks-Predators NHL Network
Monday, November 26
7:00p Bruins-Maple Leafs ESPN+
Tuesday, November 27
7:00p Senators-Flyers ESPN+
8:00p Golden Knights-Blackhawks NBCSN
Wednesday, November 28
7:00p Blues-Red Wings NBCSN
9:00p Stars-Flames ESPN+
9:30p Penguins-Avalanche NBCSN

Other games to watch include a renewal of old Norris Division rivalry between the Detroit Red Wings and the St. Louis Blues next Wednesday, an Eastern Conference matchup between the Devils and Lightning Sunday on ESPN+, and a chance for the Penguins to get off the snide next Wednesday playing the Colorado Avalanche.

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NBA National TV Schedule 11/20 – 11/26, 2018

Last week, drama outshined a victory by the Houston Rockets over the Golden State Warriors, helping the Rockets back into the playoff picture as they defeated the team that knocked them, and everyone else, out last year. This week, the Warriors, reeling from their fallout between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant, play Durant’s former team on Wednesday, with everyone in San Francisco and OKC tuning in before taking the day off from basketball for turkey and family feuds.

Here are the rest of this week’s games on national cable TV.

Tuesday, November 20
7:30p Blazers-Knicks NBA TV
Wednesday, November 21
8:00p Lakers-Cavs ESPN
10:30p Thunder-Warriors ESPN
Friday, November 23
7:00p Rockets-Pistons NBA TV
10:30p Jazz-Lakers NBA TV
Saturday, November 24
8:30p Spurs-Bucks NBA TV
Monday, November 26
7:00p Rockets-Wizards NBA TV

Another one to watch is the Jazz and Lakers, as LA is turning things around since acquiring Tyson Chandler and the Jazz have yet to find their footing as a playoff favorite heading into the season. For Jazz fans, here’s hoping that Lebron had too much turkey the day before.

Lebron also will be in the spotlight when he returns to Cleveland Wednesday night—though it’s doubtful the lowly Cavs, possibly the worst team in the league, will put up much of a fight.

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