Where to Watch the Lakers in Glendale, CA

The most popular sports team in the Los Angeles area, including Glendale, CA, is the Los Angeles Lakers. With a long history of basketball success ranging back to the early 1970s with Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, and Wilt Chamberlain, through the Showtime teams featuring Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson, through 2000s success with Shaq and Kobe and Pau Gasol, the Lakers inspire rabid loyalty among fans. That’s why it’s important when picking a cable TV package in Glendale, CA to choose one that has the right channels to view the Lakers on TV.

As a nationally popular team with a huge fanbase, the Lakers appear often on ESPN and related channels, as well as ABC on broadcast TV. But for local Los Angeles area audiences, every game that isn’t nationally broadcast is also available on Spectrum SportsNet. Spectrum SportsNet is associated with Spectrum cable TV in Glendale, so you’ll be sure with Spectrum cable TV there are no conflicts as with other providers where Spectrum SportsNet is dropped from the lineup. Spanish language broadcasts are also available on Spectrum Deportes.

SportsNet, formerly known as Time-Warner SportsNet before Time-Warner merged with Charter and became Spectrum, is also the regional sports network home of the Los Angeles Dodgers. In the Los Angeles area including Glendale, SportsNet is available in high definition on channel 789.

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Cable TV Providers in Spring Hill, FL

When it comes to cable TV in Spring Hill, FL, there are a number of choices, with as many as four providers available at some addresses. So how do you choose? What are your options and what are the differences between them? We at the TV, Internet, and Phone Blog are happy to break it down for you.

Though there are four providers available, there are really only two for you to choose from. Both DISH and Frontier FiOS are inferior to their equivalent competitors in the satellite TV and cable TV realm, respectively. DIRECTV provides a major advantage over DISH and other providers with its exclusive access to NFL SUNDAY TICKET, so if you’re a fan of an out of market NFL team and want to watch them every Sunday, it’s the best satellite choice and the top choice overall.

Spectrum cable TV in Spring Hill, FL is superior to Frontier FiOS due to having more HD channels and more channels overall, for the biggest possible channel lineup in Spring Hill, FL. It is also more affordable than DIRECTV, so if you’re not a football fan interested in NFL SUNDAY TICKET Spectrum is the way to go. Of course, if NFL SUNDAY TICKET provides a lot of value for you, DIRECTV is the correct choice.

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Where to Watch College Basketball in Chapel Hill, NC

When you’re searching for a cable TV provider in Chapel Hill, NC, it’s likely that your primary concern is whether or not it will have the game. If you’re a Duke Blue Devils or UNC Tarheels fan, any TV package you have has to have all the games for your favorite college basketball team, and it really has to have the games where Duke and UNC battle one another. The best modern rivalry in college basketball is one that’s not to be missed live or on TV, and when you live in the area you definitely have a rooting interest—even if you’re an NC State fan who wants to see both teams lose!

The truth of the matter is most cable packages have the ESPN family of networks that show Blue Devils and Tarheels games, but not all cable packages are created equal when it comes to price and reliability. While customer satisfaction for DIRECTV is high, its cost makes it prohibitive for some households after an introductory period. That is not the case for Spectrum cable TV in Chapel Hill, NC, which is both affordable and comprehensive when it comes to college basketball coverage.

You can view the Spectrum Chapel Hill channel lineup here, so you’ll always know what channel to turn to in order to see your favorite teams Duke it out, pun intended.

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Cable TV Options in Palm Desert, CA

The abundance of beautiful outdoor options, the dry climate that eliminates your allergies, and plenty of attractions make Palm Desert, CA a great place to visit and an even greater place to live. You can’t always be out of the house, though, so if you live in Palm Desert you’ll want to find the best cable TV package for your buck. In some places in the Palm Desert area, there are up to four TV providers available, so how do you make the choice?

TV options in Palm Desert include DIRECTV and DISH Network for satellite TV and Spectrum and Frontier FiOS for cable TV. DIRECTV is the more-preferred satellite TV option, as DIRECTV comes with NFL SUNDAY TICKET, allowing Palm Desert residents access to every NFL game every Sunday. Out of the two cable TV options, Spectrum cable TV in Palm Desert provides more HD channel options at a better price than does Frontier.

That leaves your decision between DIRECTV satellite TV and Spectrum cable TV. This decision comes down to whether or not you want to watch out of market NFL games on Sundays. If you’re a fan of a team that isn’t often shown on TV in Palm Desert, DIRECTV might be worth it for NFL SUNDAY TICKET alone. But if not, DIRECTV’s more expensive monthly price, for fewer HD channels, makes Spectrum in Palm Desert the right choice for most homes.

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Where to Watch the Dodgers and Angels in Burbank, CA

Baseball season has just begun, and while the best way to watch America’s Pastime is playing hooky on a sunny day, with peanuts, hot dogs, and if it’s your preference, a few cold beers at the stadium, you can still catch every game for your favorite southern California team on cable TV. Burbank residents can catch the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on the most widely available cable provider in the Los Angeles area, Spectrum Cable TV.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, the team located closest to Burbank, play their games on SportsNet LA, formerly known as Time-Warner SportsNet, which is also the home of the most popular team in the region, the Los Angeles Lakers. Spanish language broadcasts are available on SNLA Spanish, and both channels are available with affordable packages from Spectrum in Burbank, CA. View the schedule here.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, formerly known as both the Anaheim Angels and the California Angels, have their home in Orange County, but still have many fans in Burbank. The Angels primarily play on Fox Sports West, sometimes listed as FS West, also available with most Spectrum cable TV packages. View the schedule here.

SportsNet LA is available as channel 789 in high definition and 44 in standard definition. FS West, formerly known as Prime Ticket, is on channel 42.

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Watching the St. Louis Cardinals on Cable TV

One of the most storied franchises in all of baseball, and the winner of the most World Series in National League history, the St. Louis Cardinals are an institution in the St. Louis area. While some games for the 2018 season will appear on broadcast networks, the majority of this year’s Cardinals baseball schedule will appear on cable TV on the regional network Fox Sports Midwest. This cable channel is available in the St. Louis market and some surrounding markets, and the best way to get Fox Sports Midwest in St. Louis is with the most widely available cable TV company in the area, Spectrum cable TV in St. Louis.

In homes in the St. Louis metro area, Fox Sports Midwest, sometimes listed as FS Midwest, appears on channels 37 and 824, with HD available on the higher channel for most programming, when you have Spectrum cable TV.

FS Midwest is also the home cable TV channel for St. Louis Blues hockey in the St. Louis area, with every regionally broadcast Blues game appearing on the network. When Blues and Cardinals games air at the same time, one team appears on FS Midwest and the other on the sister network, FS Midwest Plus, available at 75 and 826. The schedule for the 2018 season is available here.

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Cable TV Providers in Bowling Green, KY

If you’re looking for cable TV options in Bowling Green, KY, the options are similar to other parts of Kentucky. For pay TV and a wide selection of cable TV channels, there are three available providers in Bowling Green. Two of these are satellite TV providers, DIRECTV and DISH Network. The only cable TV option is Spectrum, formerly Time Warner Cable in the Bowling Green area.

There are good and bad aspects to all three of these options. DIRECTV is the only pay TV provider that gives you access to NFL SUNDAY TICKET to watch out of market NFL games each Sunday. The major drawback for DIRECTV is price. Initial pricing looks more affordable than it actually is, and with NFL SUNDAY TICKET only free for a year, if you keep DIRECTV in order to watch the NFL for a second season, you’ll be paying big for the privilege.

DISH is more affordable than DIRECTV but has some of the same satellite TV drawbacks. DISH also does not have as many channels available in HD as Spectrum.

Spectrum TV in Bowling Green rounds out the choices. Offering the most channels in HD at the lowest price point, Spectrum is the best choice for those who do not need NFL SUNDAY TICKET as part of the package. Spectrum TV is also available as part of bundle packages with high speed internet, landline phone, or both services in order to keep prices down, and there are no contracts.

The Verdict

If you’re a hardcore football fan living outside of your favorite team’s market, DIRECTV and NFL SUNDAY TICKET are the choice for you. If not, save money and get more channels with Spectrum cable TV in Bowling Green, Kentucky.