Charter Spectrum Introduces New Router Improving Home Wi-Fi

Cable TV, high-speed internet, and landline phone provider Charter Communications has announced the release of its latest innovation, the Spectrum Wi-Fi router featuring 802.11ax technology to improve Wi-Fi coverage in the home. Charter is the first US-based company to use this next generation wireless technology in its home offerings. The announcement was made in an August 1 press release from the company’s Connecticut headquarters.

More from the company:

“Our new Spectrum Wi-Fi router with 802.11ax is the most advanced wireless router in the world and firmly positions Charter as the leader in advanced wireless solutions,” said Jim Blackley, Executive Vice President, Engineering and Information Technology for Charter Communications. “With multi-gigabit throughput, 802.11ax unleashes the full potential of Charter’s fiber-rich network, creating a better in-home and entertainment experience and further enabling next generation technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and advanced IoT-enabled applications.”

Unlike previous Wi-Fi standards, 802.11ax was specifically designed to work in congested Wi-Fi environments, delivering our customers a better quality wireless experience on more connected devices, even in densely covered areas. With its support for broader coverage and especially with its time-scheduling features, 802.11ax begins to look more like cellular technology in terms of its efficiency and application sensitivity support. 802.11ax enhances the home Wi-Fi customer experience as the number of connected wireless devices continues to grow and today’s wireless networks are increasingly suffering from issues related to congestion and interference.

Charter is also developing a converged wireless router solution to be introduced in 2019 that will bring further enhancements to the Spectrum Wi-Fi router including the ability to utilize licensed spectrum and several IoT radio technologies into a single form factor design. These additions seek to Future Proof the router by maximizing the benefits of both unlicensed and licensed technologies inside the home. These advanced IoT radios will facilitate the adoption of future IoT applications that continue to revolutionize and enrich the lives of millions.

The new router will soon be available for Spectrum subscribers across the nation.

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