Regional Sports Networks on Cable TV in Pismo Beach, CA

Though the Central California Coast allows plenty of opportunity to be outside, from the beaches to the bluffs and perfect weather just about year-round, sometimes you just want to stay in and watch sports. The best way to do that is with Spectrum cable TV in Pismo Beach, CA, bringing you all the regional sports networks for the area. You’ll get coverage of the closest teams from the Los Angeles metro area, on four regional sports networks available at the best value with Spectrum cable TV.

Here are the four regional sports networks available on cable TV in Pismo Beach, and the teams they cover:

Spectrum Deportes – The Spanish-language version of Spectrum SportsNet Los Angeles is the home of Spanish-language coverage of the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA.

Spectrum SportsNet – Formerly known as Time-Warner SportsNet, this is the exclusive English-language home of the most popular team in town, the storied Los Angeles Lakers.

FSN West – Also known as Fox Sports West, FSN West is the cable TV home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Los Angeles Kings, bringing American league baseball and NHL hockey to fans in Pismo Beach.

Prime Ticket – The sister station to FSN West, Prime Ticket is the home of LA’s other basketball team, the Los Angeles Clippers.

Stay tuned at the TV, Internet, and Phone Blog for other coverage of regional sports networks, high speed internet services, and where to find what you want to watch, updated twice weekly.

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