High-Speed Internet Services Available in Worthington, MN

It used to be that choosing an internet service provider was easy: you were in a service area and there was only one company to go with, often your cable company. Now, you have choices and in many areas you can decide based on prices and speeds which is the right high-speed internet provider for you.

In Worthington, MN there are as many as five high-speed internet services to choose from depending upon where you live. With five choices available, how do you pick which is right for you? The best way to choose a high-speed internet service provider in Worthington, MN is to evaluate by speed in Mbps, the higher number the better.

Internet Speeds in Worthington, MN

In Worthington, MN there are as many as five internet service providers available depending upon where you live. The slowest two providers are HughesNet Satellite Internet and Frontier FiOS DSL internet, clocking in at 25 Mbps, only recommended if they are the only options available at your particular address.

Slightly faster is CenturyLink DSL, with speeds up to 45 Mbps. CenturyLink also offers 1 Gbps fiber service in some areas (the fastest internet available in Worthington but not available at all addresses).

Mediacom cable internet in Worthington has speeds up to 100 Mbps for downloads and is the fastest available service in some areas.

The fastest service that is widely available is Vast Broadband high-speed internet in Worthington, MN with speeds up to 125 Mbps at the highest tier. If you don’t live in a CenturyLink fiber area, Vast is your best choice.

For more information on internet speeds, check back often at the TV, Internet and Phone Blog.

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