NBA National Cable TV Schedule for January

The NFL regular season has ended, and though it will still dominate the sports conversation for the next month or so through the Super Bowl, the NBA, following its Christmas Day showcase when many people start paying attention, is ramping up in the national consciousness.

The following is the national cable TV schedule for the NBA for January. Some games to pay attention to: the top of the Western Conference battle between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors later this week on January 4th on TNT, and Monday, January 15th’s Cavs-Warriors battle.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018
7:00 PM Blazers-Cavs NBA TV
10:30 PM Grizzlies-Clippers NBA TV
Wednesday, January 3
8:00 PM Cavs-Celtics ESPN
10:30 PM Thunder-Lakers ESPN
Thursday, January 4
8:00 PM Warriors-Rockets TNT
10:30 PM Thunder-Clippers TNT
Friday, January 5
7:00 PM T’Wolves-Celtics
Replaces NY-MIA
9:30 PM Wizards-Grizzlies ESPN
Sunday, January 7
9:00 PM Spurs-Blazers NBA TV
Monday, January 8
7:00 PM Bucks-Pacers NBA TV
Tuesday, January 9
8:00 PM Blazers-Thunder NBA TV
10:30 PM Kings-Lakers NBA TV
Wednesday, January 10
8:00 PM Thunder-T’Wolves ESPN
10:30 PM Clippers-Warriors ESPN
Thursday, January 11
3:00 PM Celtics-Sixers NBA TV
8:00 PM Cavs-Raptors TNT
10:30 PM Spurs-Lakers TNT
Friday, January 12
8:00 PM Warriors-Bucks
Only on CSN in Bay Area
10:30 PM Rockets-Suns ESPN
Sunday, January 14
9:00 PM Blazers-T’Wolves ESPN
Monday, January 15
12:30 PM Hornets-Pistons NBA TV
3:00 PM Spurs-Hawks NBA TV
5:30 PM Lakers-Grizzlies TNT
8:00 PM Warriors-Cavs TNT
10:30 PM Rockets-Clippers TNT
Tuesday, January 16
7:30 PM Pelicans-Celtics NBA TV
10:00 PM Suns-Blazers NBA TV
Wednesday, January 17
8:00 PM Lakers-Thunder ESPN
10:30 PM Nuggets-Clippers ESPN
Thursday, January 18
7:00 PM Sixers-Celtics TNT
9:30 PM T’Wolves-Rockets TNT
Friday, January 19
8:00 PM Wizards-Pistons ESPN
10:30 PM Knicks-Jazz ESPN
Saturday, January 20
3:30 PM Thunder-Cavs ABC
8:30 PM Warriors-Rockets ABC
Monday, January 22
8:00 PM Heat-Rockets NBA TV
10:30 PM T’Wolves-Clippers NBA TV
Tuesday, January 23
8:00 PM Cavs-Spurs TNT
10:30 PM Celtics-Lakers TNT
Wednesday, January 24
8:00 PM Rockets-Mavericks ESPN
10:30 PM Celtics-Clippers ESPN
Thursday, January 25
8:00 PM Wizards-Thunder TNT
10:30 PM T’Wolves-Warriors TNT
Friday, January 26
8:00 PM Rockets-Pelicans ESPN
Saturday, January 27
8:30 PM Celtics-Warriors ABC
Sunday, January 28
3:30 PM Suns-Rockets NBA TV
6:00 PM Sixers-Thunder ESPN
Monday, January 29
9:00 PM Celtics-Nuggets NBA TV
Tuesday, January 30
8:00 PM Cavs-Pistons TNT
10:30 PM Blazers-Clippers TNT
Wednesday, January 31
8:00 PM Knicks-Celtics ESPN
10:30 PM Mavericks-Suns ESPN

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