NBA National Cable TV Schedule – February 14-20

For many casual fans, the NBA season, though it actually began in late October, really begins to gain steam and interest on Christmas Day, when NBA games are showcased on broadcast and cable TV all day. With the NFL season having ended, many more fans will be tuning in to the NBA, so at the TV, Internet and Phone Blog we’re going to provide the national cable TV schedule for each week. Here’s the schedule for the upcoming week, beginning today, Tuesday, February 8. All times EST. Note: this weekend is the All-Star Game.

  • Tuesday, February 14
    • Cleveland Cavaliers at Minnesota Timberwolves, 8pm on NBATV
    • Sacramento Kings at Los Angeles Lakers, 10:30pm on NBATV
  • Wednesday, February 15
    • Indiana Pacers at Cleveland Cavaliers, 7pm on ESPN
    • New York Knicks at Oklahoma City Thunder, 9:30pm on ESPN
  • Thursday, February 16
    • Boston Celtics at Chicago Bulls, 8pm on TNT
  • Friday, February 17
    • Rookie-Sophomore Young Stars Game, 9pm on TNT
  • Saturday, February 18
    • Skills Challenge and Slam Dunk Contest, 8pm on TNT
  • Sunday, February 19
    • All-Star Game, 8pm on TNT

DIRECTV channel listings: NBATV 216, ESPN 206, TNT 245.

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