Cable TV Bills Going Up in 2017

Each year, due to inflation and other changes in the marketplace, services from cable TV providers and satellite TV providers tend to rise in price for the end consumer. The rise in cost has to do not only with inflation, but the rising costs providers face for carrying broadcast networks like CBS and Fox and the costs associated with carrying regional sports networks who have made big deals with local sports teams. According to Consumer Reports, here’s how your TV bill will be affected in 2017.

  • AT&T U-Verse: $2 to $8 more per month per package.
  • Cablevision/Altice/Suddenlink: 3.4 percent per month.
  • Comcast: $12 more per month.
  • Charter/Time Warner: pending upon adjustment of plan pricing for previous Time Warner customers.
  • Cox: 2 percent per video package.
  • Dish Network: $5 per month.
  • DIRECTV: Between $2 and $6 per month, plus $2.56 for regional sports networks in some but not all service areas.
  • Verizon: $3 per month.

Stay tuned to the TV, Internet and Phone Blog for more updates on pricing in the industry.

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