High-Speed Internet is the Electricity of the 21st Century

Each generation has a technology that changes lives, transforms communities, and connects people across the United States and across the world. In the past, it was electricity. Then, the telephone. Now, it’s high-speed internet, and just like with those previous innovations, people in rural communities throughout the United States are being left behind.

Sherman, Mississippi is one of those towns, where the cost for major high speed internet providers is too great to provide the infrastructure necessary to give every resident and business access. That is, without federal funding.

More from DJournal.com:

The FCC’s 2009 Broadband Task Force reported 70 percent of homework assigned by teachers required some use of the internet.

According to the Pew Report, roughly 69 percent of Americans indicate that not having at-home high-speed internet would be a major disadvantage to finding a job, getting health information or accessing key information, a jump from 56 percent in 2010.

For years, the Public Service Commission has approved funds that are subsidies to phone companies called the Universal Service Fund.

Thus, the need has been recognized, and the funding is there. But more and more communities are having to wait, and being left behind, and that is not a good thing.

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