Google Fiber High Speed Internet for Tampa On Hold

Last October, Google Fiber announced it would install its high speed internet service in Tampa, FL, with residents and officials excited about the development to provide internet roughly 30 times faster than the national average to the Florida city. Because providing the service is more expensive than initially thought, it is now on hold.

More from the Tampa Bay Times:

“We’re continuing to work with city leaders to explore the possibility of bringing Google Fiber to Tampa,” Google said in a statement emailed to the Tampa Bay Times. “This means deploying the latest technologies in alignment with our product road map, while understanding local considerations, which takes time.”

Tampa is among a handful of U.S. cities being considered for the high-speed service.

Russell Haupert, the city’s chief technology officer, said Google is continuing its engineering review in Tampa and is still in the exploratory phase.

The Journal reported that Google is now hoping to use wireless technology to connect homes, rather than cables.

The search-engine giant’s ultimate decision on whether to provide the ultra-fast service depends on a review of Tampa’s permitting regulations and city and state rules that govern utility providers. Cities are also judged on factors like the ability to use existing infrastructure and the topography of an area.

For now, Tampa and St. Pete area customers will still have all their previous options for high speed internet providers, but at 30 times slower speeds than they might have hoped.

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