Google Fiber Expands High Speed Internet Reach

Google Fiber, the high speed internet service that currently is in its pilot stage in a few cities in the United States, has acquired another high speed internet provider, Webpass. This acquisition is planned to lead to expansion for Google Fiber and the ability to compete with other providers such as Comcast and Charter.

More from CNBC:

“By joining forces, we can accelerate the deployment of super-fast Internet connections for customers across the U.S. Webpass will remain focused on rapid deployment of high speed Internet connections for residential and commercial buildings, primarily using point to point wireless,” Charles Barr, president of Webpass said in a blog post.

Webpass said it as “tens of thousands” of customers across five major markets in the U.S. It operates in cities including San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley, San Diego, Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Chicago, and Boston.

Google Fiber is present in 55 cities, including San Francisco, and the acquisition will help the company expand its presence there. And the Alphabet-owned subsidiary has also targeted a few further cities it is aiming to be present in soon.

Webpass owns its own infrastructure meaning it doesn’t have to rely on phone and cable companies, something that it said has allowed it to grow quickly. Its focus is also on large residential and commercial buildings, something that is hard to for new players to get into because of the multi-year deals often signed by the larger players like Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

While it is not clear what this will mean for customers, more companies competing to provide better service tends to work out well for the end user in terms of quality of service and price.

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