Cable TV Viewership among Presidential Candidates’ Supporters

According to a Katz Media/Nielsen Scarborough Research Panel study, Bernie Sanders supporters are the least likely supporters of any candidate to watch cable TV, with Marco Rubio supporters the most likely to watch cable TV. Only 85% of Bernie Sanders supporters watch cable TV, and even fewer (32%) watch cable news, comparted to 92% of Marco Rubio supporters, 59% of whom watch cable TV news. Ted Cruz supporters and Donald Trump supporters are also among the most likely to watch cable news, at 49% and 47% respectively.

More from Politico:

Trump and Rubio supporters use the Internet more than other sources of media, with 92 percent of Trump supporters and 97 percent of Rubio supporters using the Internet. Ted Cruz had 96 percent of his supporters using the Web while undecided voters were at 93 percent.

Undecided Republicans and Democrats were more likely to use the radio than any other medium.

The study was conducted Jan. 25 to Feb. 22 based on interviews with 3,000 registered voters and 1,802 likely primary goers from Colorado, Texas, Virginia, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Cable TV, particularly Fox News, is also benefiting from the presidential race, with Fox News debates and related programming garnering the network huge ratings wins.

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