NFL Sunday Ticket Free Preview: Week 1 Schedule

Current NFL Sunday Ticket customers with DIRECTV already know what they’re in for this year: every game, every Sunday, barring any local blackouts. DIRECTV customers who do not have NFL Sunday Ticket, though, will get a taste this week, the first of the NFL regular season. The free preview encapsulates all the NFL Sunday Ticket package has to offer, including the NFL Red Zone Channel (bringing you every touchdown and pivotal play as it happens) the game center where you can watch multiple games at once and choose which you’d like to put full screen, and a whole lot more.

Here is the schedule for the first Sunday of the NFL season, along with the NFL Sunday Ticket DIRECTV channel where the game will air:

  • 1pm EDT
    • Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills – 705
    • Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans – 706
    • Cleveland Browns at New York Jets – 707
    • Miami Dolphins at Washington Redskins – 708
    • Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears – 709
    • Carolina Panthers at Jacksonville Jaguars – 710
    • Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams – 711
  • 4:05pm EDT
    • New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals – 712
    • Detroit Lions at San Diego Chargers – 713
  • 4:25pm EDT
    • Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos – 714
    • Cincinnati Bengals at Oakland Raiders – 715
    • Tennessee Titans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 7/16

All DIRECTV viewers should enjoy the preview, and contact Mid-America Satellite to get NFL Sunday Ticket.

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