NFL Preseason Begins this Weekend on TV: Schedule and More

Between fantasy football, gambling, the Super Bowl, the NFL Draft, and more, the National Football League has become a year-round sport, with coverage wide and varied even beyond the regular season and playoffs between September and February. The Draft has happened, along with free agency, and training camp has begun, and this weekend we’ll finally see some players on the field with the beginning of the NFL Preseason. The NFL/Hall of Fame Game happens Sunday, August 9th, between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings, airing on NBC.

Here are the games that will be nationally televised on broadcast and cable TV:

Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota (NBC, Aug 9)
Buffalo at Cleveland (ESPN, Aug. 20)
St. Louis at Tennessee (FOX, Aug. 23)
Cincinnati at Tampa Bay (ESPN, Aug. 24)
Detroit at Jacksonville (CBS, Aug. 28)
Seattle at San Diego (CBS, Aug. 29)
Houston at New Orleans (FOX, Aug. 30)
Arizona at Oakland (NBC, Aug. 30)

Many more games will air on your local channels and regional sports networks.

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