Cox Communications Extends High Speed Internet Program for Low-Income Families

A number of cable internet providers are launching programs to help low-income families have affordable access to high speed internet so that their children will not face educational disadvantages. One of these companies, Cox Communications, has extended its Connect2Compete program to the state of Virginia, offering high speed internet for $9.95 per month to qualifying families.

More from Multichannel News:

Connect2Compete is a national not-for-profit initiative aimed at extending broadband access to families with children (K-12) participating in the National Free Lunch program, by offering discounted high-speed Internet service. Families that qualify will be eligible for high-speed Internet service for $9.95 per month, a free modem and free professional installation.

The expansion to Virginia follows a successful pilot of the program; the C2C program is modeled after a broadband adoption program Cox started in Santa Barbara, Calif., in 2002.  Cox announced its national rollout of the program in April.

“Cox has a strong history of supporting broadband adoption programs across the country, and doing so in a way that connects the most vulnerable members of our society – our children – so they can compete and have a greater chance of success in the digital world that awaits them,” said Cox Virginia SVP and GM Gary McCollum, in a statement.

“For years Cox Communications has been a tremendous partner to Fairfax County. With Connect 2Compete launching in Virginia, disadvantaged children and families will have the opportunity to connect to the internet and the world,” added Bulova.

Hopefully this will push other companies on Cox’s level, such as Time Warner and Charter Communications, to get involved with similar programs where they are the only cable internet provider. It will not only bring goodwill to the community, but increase their market share and ensure they will have loyal customers moving forward.

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