ViaSat Adds New Business Aviation High Speed Internet Options

High speed internet on chartered flights for business professionals is becoming the norm. Business travelers work while on the go, and the need for high speed internet service is growing. A number of satellite internet companies are providing access to travelers in the air. ViaSat is one of those, and has added two new services.

More from their press release:

The new services – Yonder Premium and Yonder VIP – will provide higher data rates, compared to current Yonder service, new quality of service assurances, and enhanced network operations and field engineering customer support. These higher levels of service, along with the rollout of a 60 percent increase in capacity for the worldwide network, will provide an improved customer experience for high bandwidth consuming applications such as multimedia streaming and video teleconferencing.

Beginning in summer 2013, aircraft operators will be able to select from three distinct airborne Internet service levels offered through monthly subscriptions designed for predictable flight department budgeting:

  • Yonder Internet for web browsing, e-mail, VoIP, and office applications.
  • Yonder Premium for multimedia streaming and video teleconferencing, in addition to web browsing and office-in-the sky applications.
  • Yonder VIP that is designed to support a high number of Internet connections and simultaneous multimedia streaming sessions or video teleconferences for transport-category aircraft.

“After years of experience in providing satellite service to general aviation and government aircraft, we recognize the need to expand our services. We’re keeping pace with the proliferation of always-connected devices now making their way on board,” said Paul Baca, VP/GM of ViaSat Global Mobile Broadband. “These new Yonder services are one example of our commitment to giving customers the flexibility to choose systems and services that fit a variety of customer communication profiles.”

We’ll keep an eye on the expansion of high speed internet service in all of its forms here on the TV, Internet and Phone Blog.

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