Cable Network C-SPAN Launches More Local Content Vans to Get Stories

C-SPAN, the cable news network most known for broadcasting live sessions of Congress and other government airings, has launched a second fleet of Local Content Vehicles (LCVs), the goal of which is to capture more stories of literary and historic significance throughout small and mid-size cities in the United States.

More from Multichannel News:

Partnering with the network’s local cable affiliates, C-SPAN producers spend a full week in a selected city, travelling in specially detailed Ford Transit Connect vehicles visiting various literary and historic sites and interviewing local historians, authors and civic leaders, it said. Each member of the LCV team, led by LCV manager Debbie Lamb, is equipped to shoot and edit video on location. The LCV team members also join with representatives of the local cable companies to make presentations to community organizations about C-SPAN and its public affairs content.

The various short features produced during each city visit are shown during dedicated weekends on C-SPAN’s non-fiction book channel (BookTV on C-SPAN2) and history channel (American History TV on C-SPAN3 ).

Launched in the spring of 2011 (first stop was Tampa, Fla., beginning a Southeastern swing), the LCV program is now in its third year. C-SPAN crews have traveled across the South, Southwest, Northeast, Midwest, and now in the mid-Atlantic region. The first video from C-SPAN’s second LCV fleet can be seen the weekend of March 16-17, when BookTV and American History TV spotlight Alexandria, Va.

In each city and alongside representatives of C-SPAN cable affiliates, the LCV team visits schools, civic associations, and other key community organizations, talking about cable’s longtime commitment to public service through carriage of the C-SPAN channels.

Here is the schedule for C-SPAN LCV visits:

Team East

–Alexandria, Va. (Comcast), visited Feb. 18-22, airing March 16-17.

–Virginia Beach, Va. (Cox), visiting March 18-22, airing April 20-21.

–Columbia, S.C. (Time Warner Cable), visiting April 15-19, airing May 18-19.

–Raleigh, N.C. (Time Warner Cable), visiting May 13-17, airing June 15-16.

–Dover, Del. (Comcast), visiting June 17-21, airing July 20-21.

Team West

–Santa Fe, N.M. (Comcast), visited Jan. 7-11, aired Feb. 2-3.

–Albuquerque, N.M. (Comcast), visited Feb. 4-8, aired March 2-3.

–Mesa, Ariz. (Cox), visited March 4-8, airing April 6-7.

–Yuma, Ariz. (Time Warner Cable), visiting April 1-5, airing May 4-5.

–Palm Springs, Calif. (Time Warner Cable), visiting May 6-10, airing June 1-2.

–Bakersfield, Calif. (Bright House Networks), visiting June 3-7, airing July 6-7.

C-SPAN is available on most cable providers, and airs on DIRECTV on channel 350.

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