HughesNet Satellite Internet Now Available from

Many rural areas are underserved by high speed internet providers. Cable and DSL providers as well as phone company providers do not have the infrastructure available to wire less populated areas, meaning that for a long time, many outlying areas have been stuck with dial-up.

That’s no longer the case, as now offers HughesNet high speed satellite internet. HughesNet is on its fourth generation of high speed satellite internet, with a number of improvements that bring satellite internet into competition with cable internet and DSL internet.

HughesNet Gen4 is the result of a partnership with Echostar, a leader in satellite technology. Echostar XVII, a new satellite, launched on July 4, 2012, bringing an expansion in the area covered by HughesNet satellite internet, along with an expansion in the technology available; here are a few ways you can do more with HughesNet Gen4:

  • Get Increased Web Speeds – Up to 15 Mbps downloads
  • Increased Data Allowance – 40GB per month
  • The Latest Technology – Jupiter High Throughput Technology
  • Wide Price Ranges – The perfect plan available for any budget
  • Service and Support – Tech support 24/7, all in the USA
  • Professional Installation
  • Innovation

As a provider of consumer electronics and home entertainment systems, is proud to add HughesNet satellite internet to its suite of offerings. Now customers in rural areas are not only able to get flat screen televisions, audio systems, speakers and soundbars, they can also get the internet service needed to take advantage of the latest in smart TVs and streaming services.

Through, it is also possible to get satellite television via DIRECTV and cable and internet through Charter Communications. Through these services, has the whole spectrum of services covered, as well as the majority of the United States.

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