West Virginia Businesses and Residents See Improvement with High Speed Internet Access

Much of the state of West Virginia lags behind less rural portions of the nation when it comes to high speed internet access. But, according to the Exponent Telegram, some local areas are seeing improvements with the availability of faster mobile internet access expanding.

More from the Exponent Telegram:

Business consumers are seeing the greatest strides.

Frontier Communications recently announced enhanced speeds in several communities, including Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Salem, Bristol, West Milford, West Union, Grafton, Fairmont, Mannington, Philippi, Moatsville, Volga and Century.

Business users may have access to service of up to 40 Mbps, according to general manager Chip VanAlsburg.

The West Virginian Economic Development Authority also recently approved a $7 million loan to help Citynet LLC construct a 130-mile fiber-optic network that will interconnect Bridgeport, Clarksburg, Morgantown, Fairmont and Wheeling with high speed Internet service.

It is important for rural and outlying areas to gain the same access to high speed internet experienced in urban areas, as modern commerce and education both depend upon high speed internet to function. Something as simple as applying to a job online without high speed internet can take much longer, or become almost impossible, with the speeds required to send large amounts of information. Not to mention attempting to sell products online using dial-up; that is virtually impossible in this day and age. With dial-up even checking email can take much longer than it needs to, which slows down commerce in these fast-moving online times.

Many educational outlets too are unavailable to those without high speed internet. Many college courses require online coursework, which cannot be completed without a high speed internet connection.

It’s good to see that many West Virginia communities are becoming more connected. It’s only a matter of time before the whole state is up to speed.

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