Time Warner Cable Bans Gun Ads

According to CBS New York, Time Warner Cable, one of the major cable television providers in the area, as well as across the United States, is banning some ads featuring guns in the wake of the Newtown school massacre.

More from CBS New York:

“We’ve created a policy that effectively bans visual images of automatic weapons and visual images of weapons pointed at people,” company spokesman Alex Dudley told WCBS 880 reporter Monica Miller on Friday.

“We felt that this, at this time, particularly in the wake of some of the recent incidents, that this was a policy that we felt strongly about,” he said.

He said the majority of ads they sell nationwide are to local businesses that buy blocks of time.

“Some of these ads could end up on family programming, especially programming geared towards children,” he said.

“If a pawn shop submits an ad that has a picture of an automatic weapon, we don’t say to the pawn shop, ‘You can’t air your ad.’ We ask if they would like us to re-edit the ad,” he added.

He said some companies have concerns about the new policy.

“But I think we’ve been able to, in most cases, accommodate advertisements that meet the policy, yet effectively advertise the businesses,” he said.

The policy has yet to make its way to other cable providers, but it is likely that other providers in the area near Newtown, Connecticut and New York will follow suit. It is less likely that providers more centered in the middle of the country and the South and Texas will do the same, as attitudes towards gun control are different there.

There also has not been a certified connection between seeing guns on television and later acts of violence; it’s something that’s more assumed than proven. But hopefully Time Warner Cable is doing this for the right reasons.

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