Charter Communications Hikes Prices

Charter Communications, a leading cable provider for many parts of the United States, has raised prices for the New Year. Many price hikes took effect January 7, with prices being raised about ten dollars a package for new customers and with other hikes for existing customers, which will be seen on their first bills of the year.

Here’s some more on the changes from

Charter Communications is just the latest in a long line of companies informing users of price hikes for the New Year. A thread in our Charter forum details the notice Charter is sending out to customers, which alerts users that most hikes will range from $2 to $5, depending on the service. “Like other businesses, Charter has experienced a rise in our overall cost of doing business, in particularly relating to an increase in the cost we pay for programming as well as equipment,” a Charter spokesperson insists.

While not always necessarily the culprit, programming is usually an easy and believable excuse for constant TV rate hikes. However, the cost to prove landline bandwidth is usually either fixed or declining, yet Charter is also informing users they’re raising rates for all of their broadband service tiers.

On the positive side, it’s the first Internet price hike for most Charter users in roughly half a decade, Charter did boost speeds significantly last December, and they haven’t started charging per-byte overages (yet). The changes:

Internet Express (15 Mbps): Current price $44.99 — New price $47.99

Internet Plus (30 Mbps): Current price $54.99 — New price $57.99

Internet Max (Being discontinued): Current price $69.99 — New price $72.99

Internet Ultra (100 Mbps): Current price $84.99 — New price $87.99.

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