Charter Cable Installation Explained

Many people who have yet to purchase cable television service do not know exactly how the cable television installation process works. Charter Communications, the leading cable provider in the St. Louis, MO metropolitan area and many areas of the United States, has a standardized procedure that makes it easy on customers while delivering efficient service.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The customer calls in and places an order. Customers can purchase just cable television, or can pair cable TV in a double play with high speed internet or digital phone service, or a triple play package which combines all three services. During this call, the sales rep verifies Charter service is available at the customer’s address, verifies the services requested, and sets up a time for installation in the near future.
  2. Installation times come in two-hour windows, such as 8-10AM or 3-5PM. The installer will arrive within that time window and greet you before beginning the installation.
  3. Once onsite, the installer will survey the site and begin by locating the trunk line for Charter service to connect your home to the Charter service.
  4. The installer may need to drill through an outside wall or through a floor from the basement to best conceal the wiring associated with your Charter service. This is routine and will not cause any aesthetic damage to your home and will be done quickly and efficiently.
  5. Once the wiring is completed, the Charter installer will set up your digital cable box. If you have purchased internet and/or phone, they will set up your modem and connect your computer and/or phone, making sure the modem is provisioned and your internet is up and running.
  6. The Charter installer will verify all services are working properly, including your television remote control.
  7. If payment is due at the time of installation, the installer will collect payment via cash, check or charge. If no payment is due, you will receive your bill within a month of installation.

It’s easy to get Charter cable, Charter internet and Charter phone. Get started today.

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