New iPad Apps for Popular Cable Television Channels

Those who are looking to cut the cord and get away from traditional cable television providers have an ally in the iPad, which is providing apps for a number of popular cable channels allowing access to full episodes of some of their popular series. Now available from the iPad App Store are apps for the History Channel, Lifetime, and A&E television networks, allowing users to create a customized watchlist of their favorite shows.

Some of the popular shows available with full episodes include Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, The First 48, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Swamp People, Project Runway, Dance Moms and Army Wives. Besides full episodes, the apps also feature clips from shows and exclusive footage never before seen on television. All of the apps are free and can be downloaded in the App Store currently. Subscribers via Comcast can get even more content, but even those who are not cable subscribers can watch full shows, clips, and more.

One might wonder how cable networks can make any money by providing content this way, but advertisements are still present and play before and during the video clips and full episodes. If more and more people watch online and through apps like these, they can further target advertising and make money that way, which will put some pressure on cable providers. We’re a long way from being able to cut the cord entirely for getting the best cable programming piecemeal via apps and online streaming services, but we’re getting there, and cable companies should begin offering a la carte channels or smaller channel packages as a result.

Other already available apps for the iPad, to turn your iPad into a television, include the ABC player, NBC App, CNN App for iPad, PBS for iPad, HBO GO, ABC Family, Smithsonian Channel for iPad, and many others.

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