Cable TV Companies Plot Cloud-Based Gaming Services

According to VentureBeat, some cable TV powerhouses are turning their attention to gaming as major gaming console platforms seek to become the new way to consume pay TV. Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo are all developing TV services through their Web-connected gaming consoles; the cable companies are fighting back, with Verizon, AT&T (creators of U-Verse) and Time Warner Cable Inc. all developing a way to deliver cloud-based games to cable TV subscribers, starting in 2013.

Experts are surmising that the games offered by cable providers will be similar to those popular on smart phones and social sites, such as Angry Birds and Tetris, simple games that are more for casual gamers than hardcore gamers, with the idea that hardcore gamers will still use a console or PC for serious gaming. Cox Communications and Comcast will be launching a full subscription service for gaming by 2014, though.

The reason game consoles have been able to become a big part of video watching for Web-connected people is that they are familiar with the user interface, and cable and satellite TV companies have not been able to as of yet provide a similar experience. The cable companies hope to change that as well as offering gaming in order to maintain their subscriber base; many customers have been cutting the cord in favor of video on demand services through websites like Netflix and Hulu. It is not yet known whether these cable companies will be using their own developers or partnering with a third party to provide entrance into the gaming space.

Cable companies are brainstorming ways to maintain their subscriber base, and offering gaming is just another of those potential strategies. Other attempts to provide the content that users are looking for at a lower price will likely emerge as the battle continues to keep current subscribers while adding more.

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