HughesNet Gen4 Satellite Internet Goes Live

Yesterday, HughesNet Gen4, a new satellite internet service from Hughes, went live and is available for new subscribers. The new satellite internet service, developed using Jupiter Technology, increases the speeds available to satellite internet users in rural areas while also expanding the service into some suburban markets.

HughesNet Gen4 offers dramatically increased satellite internet speeds, up to 15 Mbps depending upon the plan, and allows for more download capacity. HughesNet Gen4 is the ideal solution for those who live in areas in which high speed broadband landline services are not available. HughesNet Gen4 increases the performance of the already industry-leading HughesNet satellite internet service and supports high bandwidth applications, including social media and video and music streaming. Hughes is offering an upgrade program for existing customers.

Here are just a few of the improvements made by Hughes for the new, fourth-generation high speed satellite internet service:

  • Jupiter High Throughput Technology
  • HTTP-NG: Next Generation HTTP Acceleration, which identifies video, music, and other high-bandwidth content to provide the optimal downloading or streaming experience
  • Satellite-specific download manager
  • A larger 72 cm dish and adaptive code modulation (ACM) to push more power to transmitters during storms to prevent rain fade

Gen4 was made possible by the July 4, 2012 launch of a new satellite, Echostar XVII.

Hughes developed the new technology for Gen4 through a number of corporate partnerships. Hughes provides satellite services for a number of large enterprises and small businesses, with custom solutions used in many cases. In developing these custom solutions, new technologies are developed and the best of these, and the most appropriate, are passed on to those developers in the consumer division to provide improvements to rural satellite internet subscribers.

Take advantage of HughesNet Gen4 with Mid-America Satellite in the Midwest, or other dealers across the United States.

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