NFL Week 2 opened with the Green Bay Packers silencing the doubters and the rival Chicago Bears with a solid defensive display and flashes of offensive and special teams brilliance (including a fake field goal). NFL SUNDAY TICKET from DIRECTV brings you all the rest of the games this Sunday. Here are the games available for watching this upcoming Sunday, 9/23. Your Week 3 schedule and channel lineup is here.

  • St. Louis Rams at Chicago Bears – 1pm – Channel 704
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys – 1pm – Channel 705
  • San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings – 1pm – Channel 706
  • Detroit Lions at Tennessee Titans – 1pm – Channel 707
  • Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns – 1pm – Channel 708
  • Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts – 1pm – Channel 709
  • New York Jets at Miami Dolphins – 1pm – Channel 710
  • Kansas City Chiefs at New Orleans Saints – 1pm – Channel 711
  • Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Redskins – 1pm – Channel 712
  • Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals – 4pm – Channel 713
  • Atlanta Falcons at San Diego Chargers – 4pm – Channel 714
  • Houston Texans at Denver Broncos – 4pm – Channel 715
  • Pittsburgh Steelers at Oakland Raiders – 4pm – Channel 716
  • All times Eastern time

Our Game to Watch: Texans at Broncos. Peyton Manning faces the team he owned as quarterback of the Colts for many years, and now that they are a defensive and offensive powerhouse, the Texans have their chance for revenge. But Peyton, looking almost as good as ever and much better than can be expected after a fused spine and a year off of football, has other ideas. This should be a good matchup of differing styles and a solid game to lead off the late slate of games.

Don’t forget to also take advantage of the NFL SUNDAY TICKET Fantasy Football App, the player tracker, the Mix Channel and the NFL RED ZONE Channel to make the most of your NFL SUNDAY TICKET package from DIRECTV. And if you don’t have DIRECTV, don’t fret: you can still get NFL SUNDAY TICKET by signing up with DIRECTV and receiving the best football package free for 2012.

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