DIRECTV and Sony Come to Agreement for NFL SUNDAY TICKET on PlayStation 3

According to a recent announcement, DIRECTV and Sony have come to an agreement that is a victory for cord cutting football fans: NFL SUNDAY TICKET will again be available for PlayStation 3 owners. In addition to serving existing DIRECTV customers with the NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX plan by allowing for free download of the PS3 application from the PlayStation network, PS3 owners without access to DIRECTV service will be able to receive NFL SUNDAY TICKET and live stream every out of market game for $299.95.

DIRECTV’s major advantage over its cable and satellite competitors is its exclusive rights for NFL SUNDAY TICKET, so sharing with Sony is a major step. Using a PS3, customers will be able to stream games on their television, which is basically the same service in practicality as having the games arrive through a dish to be played on television.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is the most popular premium sports package in the United States, bringing every out of market NFL game (unless blacked out due to local laws) to viewers across the country. Viewers can watch multiple games at once, take advantage of the RED ZONE CHANNEL, which shows every scoring drive of every game, and track their fantasy players on screen. NFL SUNDAY TICKET is also very popular for businesses such as sports bars who depend on football Sundays for much of their revenue.

That the application is available on PlayStation 3 shows that cable and satellite companies are wising up when it comes to releasing some of their content for streaming through web applications. DIRECTV has full control over NFL SUNDAY TICKET currently, and is likely experimenting with this high-value service to see if more content can be delivered through the Web at a profit. For customers who want a la carte cable services, this is good news and bodes well for the future.

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