Bermuda’s Lack of Broadband Internet Hurts its Economy

Broadband internet is important for economic development and the flow of commerce today. Both education and commerce constantly adapt to new technologies, and broadband internet is one of those. A writer in Bermuda asserts that his country’s lack of economic success recently is due to the country’s lack of high speed internet (above 10 Mbps) in home and small business environments, and the argument is an interesting one.

Though he’s talking about Bermuda, a country whose tourist economy has declined and whose international business economy has declined due to a lack of emerging technology and intellectual capital, he could be talking about anywhere as he outlines all the benefits broadband internet brings to business and residential customers. Here’s a summary of some of his points, applicable to Bermuda or anywhere without broadband internet access, including some rural parts of the United States underserved by high speed internet providers:

  • Broadband brings access to information more quickly, allowing businesses and individuals to remain up to date and make informed decisions
  • Broadband internet allows for the introduction of new technologies, particularly those that operate over wireless internet networks, such as energy monitoring systems for homes or other buildings
  • Broadband internet reduces business costs with increased efficiency and productivity
  • Broadband internet allows for seamless telecommuting
  • Broadband internet increases public safety by giving law enforcement and public service organizations a greater source of information and communication
  • The healthcare industry is helped immensely by the quick information sharing of high speed internet
  • Education is made easier with online textbooks and materials that complement classroom and textbook learning

Officials and businesspeople everywhere, not just in Bermuda but even in rural portions of the United States, should take the words of this Bermudan writer to heart in seeing how essential the technologies of broadband internet are to continued economic and educational success.

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