Players to Watch with Your DIRECTV Fantasy Football App – Running Backs and Quarterbacks

With the NFL Preseason underway, DIRECTV customers who have NFL SUNDAY TICKET are preparing for their fantasy football drafts to use with the fantasy football app available from DIRECTV. As long as you use for a fantasy football league, you can use the DIRECTV app to get real-time stats for your fantasy team, right on your TV screen as you watch using NFL SUNDAY TICKET, exclusively available with DIRECTV satellite TV.

Since the preseason has begun, many websites and commentators are making their predictions as to who will have a big fantasy season, who will go number one in drafts, and who should be avoided. Here are just a few recommendations for players to draft and follow using the DIRECTV Fantasy Football app:

Running Backs in Round One

If you’re at the top of your draft, it still behooves you to pick a running back first, even as the NFL becomes more and more of a passing league. Here are three running backs you can’t go wrong with in the top three of the draft; if you can’t get one of these guys, it might make sense to draft a quarterback instead.

  • Arian Foster of the Houston Texans – Even though he’s just gotten a huge contract, and running backs don’t always play stellar in the year following a big payday, Foster is reliable enough and grounded enough to trust at the top of the draft. The Texans are a good team who will be playing with the lead often and he’ll run the ball plenty.
  • Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens – Rice is another reliable runner who will get plenty of carries playing for a team with a solid defense that holds the lead.
  • LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles – While some are projecting Ryan Mathews to have a better season than McCoy, he’s the most reliable option on an explosive offensive team and will get plenty of carries to both protect QB Michael Vick and set up the passing game.

Round One Quarterbacks

If you don’t land one of the top three picks, because of the shift in the way the NFL is going it’s now smarter to pick a QB in the first round if you can get one of the top three. As I see it, the top three are as follows:

  • Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers – Despite their stumbling in the playoffs last year, the Packers were the best offensive team in the NFL last year, and there’s no difference between that team and this that would make Aaron Rodgers anything but the top choice for QB play this year.
  • Tom Brady of the New England Patriots – The Pats continue to be an offensive machine, and with Wes Welker and the two-headed tight-end monster of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez to throw to (and no running game to speak of), you have every reason to believe Brady’s going to win you some games.
  • Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints – With Bountygate, some are worried Brees won’t match his record-setting season from 2011 since his head coach is gone. I, on the other hand, think he’ll be more fired up than ever and perhaps best some, if not all, of his totals from last year.

Check back tomorrow for picks for Wide Receiver and Tight End.

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