Satellite TV and Cable TV Still the Most Popular Way to Follow the Olympics

According to a survey by digital data collection company Research Now, satellite TV and cable TV will still be the most popular way to follow the 2012 Olympic Summer Games, in spite of the explosion of digital services available for following the Games online or on mobile devices. Research Now surveyed over 7,000 respondents in six countries that are anticipated to closely follow the Summer Games, the UK, US, Canada, Australia, France and Germany). The majority of respondents across all six nations showed satellite TV and cable TV as their first choice, with 16-34 year olds the least likely to follow on satellite or cable TV and the most likely to follow via news websites and social media.

Other information gained from the survey includes:

  • The percentage of respondents who will use social media to like or follow a team is 52%
  • The most popular online channels for following the Games will be sports websites (23%) and the official London Olympics website (22%)
  • Women are more likely to turn to Facebook and family for updates on the games, while men are more likely to follow on sports websites, apps for mobile phones, and Twitter
  • Facebook (21%) is more likely than Twitter (11%) to be followed as related to the Games
  • Among all of the groups surveyed, British people (the host nation) are more likely to watch or attend more than 30 hours of live events throughout the Games than the other countries surveyed
  • Americans are the most likely to follow sponsors (20%) on social media, twice as much as British or Australians
  • Germans were most likely to share video coverage as a form of engagement (18%)
  • The French are most likely to follow a team on Facebook or Twitter (65%)

While satellite TV and cable TV are still the dominant form of engagement, this truly could be the first “Social Olympics.”

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