How Your DIRECTV Installation Works

One of the staples of industry leader DIRECTV is professional standard installation, free of charge. Once you order DIRECTV service, either online or on the phone, you’ll schedule a time for a DIRECTV technician to come and install your dish, hook up all your wiring, and make sure everything is up and running to your satisfaction before the job is complete. Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule your installation: If you order over the phone, you will schedule your installation at the time of your call. If you order online, you will receive an email prompting you to call in and schedule an appointment at your convenience. The installer will call when he or she is on the way.
  2. When the installer arrives, you will show the installer which room(s) your DIRECTV service will be installed in. From there, the installer will form a plan for how to properly wire the service. If you are installing in multiple rooms, you will choose a main DIRECTV room where your DVR is hooked up.
  3. The installer goes to the roof, balcony, or other area with a clear view of the southern sky to install your DIRECTV satellite dish. There’s nothing you need to do; the installer will find the proper location for the dish and point it toward the DIRECTV satellite.
  4. The installer will drill to bring the wiring inside to hook up within your home. All holes drilled by DIRECTV installers are unobtrusive and necessary to connect your DVR and receivers to the DIRECTV dish.
  5. Once the wiring is all hooked up, the installer will test the reception to make sure the dish is properly pointed and receiving all of your channels, including all of your HD channels and local channels.
  6. The DIRECTV installer will configure your remotes to work with both your TVs and your DIRECTV receivers/DVRs.
  7. The DIRECTV installer will test all of your equipment and channels after going through the setup process as the service is downloaded through the satellite.
  8. The DIRECTV installer can show you how to work your remote, locate your guide, menu and recordings, and more. Once you feel you’re ready to go, you’re all done.

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