DIRECTV Everywhere Platform Allows Subscribers to Watch Programs Anywhere

Satellite TV provider DIRECTV has added the new DIRECTV Everywhere platform, which allows DIRECTV customers to watch TV shows, sporting events and movies anywhere, on home televisions, laptops, tablets and smart phones. This service is available to DIRECTV subscribers at no extra charge. It is available for both PC and Mac computers, and iPhone functionality will be added soon. DIRECTV Everywhere works over any wireless broadband connection.

Free software to watch instantly is available from the website, as well as the app stores for various platforms, including the Android store and the Apple App Store for iPad.

By adding this functionality, DIRECTV now offers subscribers the same capabilities they would get from being able to watch TV shows and movies online using Hulu or streaming from Netflix. Now DIRECTV subscribers can eliminate those extra expenses and still watch programs while they’re on the go; whether out of town or just away from the house, DIRECTV subscribers now have the capability to watch their favorite shows, sporting events, and more on portable platforms, making DIRECTV not just a satellite TV solution, but a complete entertainment solution.

DIRECTV Cinema is available with DIRECTV Everywhere, allowing DIRECTV customers to check out the latest Hollywood releases before they hit other cable packages free of charge. Premium cable favorites are also available; some of the most often streamed programs on DIRECTV right now are premium cable hits like Starz’s Magic City, HBO’s Girls, Veep, and Game of Thrones and classics like The Sopranos and Entourage.

Pay Per View events are also available with DIRECTV Everywhere. Upcoming events include UFC 146, airing May 26 at 8pm Central Time, featuring heavyweight fights between Junior Dos Santos and Frank Mir and Cain Velasquez and Antonio Silva.

Midwest customers should check out the DIRECTV packages from Mid America Satellite to get access to DIRECTV Everywhere now, with great deals available.

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