Additional High-Definition Channels Available from Charter Communications

Over the past month, Charter Communications serving the St. Louis, MO metro area and surrounding areas has altered its channel lineup, adding 28 new HD channels. The new complete channel lineup for Charter in St. Louis is available here.

Some of the newly available HD channels from Charter TV include Fox Business, Turner Classic Movies (TCM), the Tennis Channel, and the ID Channel. The addition of these channels further increases the wide array of high-definition programming available from Charter TV. In addition to the new channels, Charter Communications has restructured the current channel lineup to group channels together more intuitively for a smoother, more pleasant television watching experience.

The new HD choices further fill out the HD channel lineup available from Charter. Here is some information on the new HD favorites:

  • Fox Business – This additional Fox News channel rivals CNBC for business coverage, but in the style of presentation that the Fox News empire is known for. Fans of Fox News will find this new business channel indispensible when keeping up with financial news and economic opinion.
  • Turner Classic Movies – This channel has access to all the movies in the Turner Archive, bringing classics from the silent era up to the second Golden Age of film in the seventies. Programming focuses on classic movies related to what’s going on in the world, broadcasting WWII movies around the anniversary of D-Day, and star tributes around the birthdays of iconic film stars. Any film fan will be glad to have this channel.
  • The Tennis Channel – The Tennis Channel brings tennis action from across the world. For tennis fans who want to watch tournaments other than the four Grand Slam tournaments, this channel is essential for keeping up with the men’s and women’s tennis rankings.
  • ID Channel – ID stands for Investigation Discovery. This Discovery Channel offshoot focuses on true crime shows like Hollywood Crimes, Deadly Women and 48 Hours.

Customers interested in the new Charter lineup can obtain Charter cable service.

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