DIRECTV is Growing: Satellite TV Company Reaches 20 Million Subscribers

Earnings reports for cable and satellite TV companies are now available for the first quarter of 2012, and while some cable television companies like Comcast are losing subscribers, satellite TV providers in the United States are growing, with DIRECTV adding around 81,000 subscribers to reach a total of 20 million in the United States, according to the Associated Press. DIRECTV has also added more than 500,000 subscribers in Latin America, where 8.5 million subscribers are now using DIRECTV for satellite television.

There are a number of reasons for the growth of satellite TV in the US. For one, equipment has gotten better and more advanced, so that bad weather no longer causes television outages (at least not as often as it once did). With DIRECTV satellite TV, and some other services, subscribers now get local channels and regional sports networks along with the cable channel package; this was not often available in the past.

The major reason for the increase in subscribers to DIRECTV, though, is the exclusive contract DIRECTV has for NFL Sunday Ticket. NFL Sunday Ticket is the satellite TV package that brings every NFL game every Sunday to the homes and businesses with the package, and it’s the only way to have every NFL game available for viewing each week, and DIRECTV is the only satellite TV provider that can get its customers access to NFL Sunday Ticket. Additional features of NFL Sunday Ticket include the RedZone channel and the ability for home viewers to plug in their fantasy team info to get updates and watch the players from their fantasy teams live.

DISH Network satellite TV and AT&T U-Verse cable TV are also growing, with Comcast Cable losing 37,000 cable subscribers. Cablevision Systems made minimal gains. Check back often for industry news about cable television and satellite TV.

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