Internet Service Providers for Online Gaming: Cable vs. DSL Providers

Whether you are gaming on your PC, Xbox Live, or PS3, one of the most important aspects of gaming today is being able to play games online. Video games are no longer a solitary pursuit, with PC MMORPGs and collaborative play on console systems taking over. From fantasy games to competing with others playing sports games online, online competitive and collaborative play is taking over.

Because of this, it’s important to choose the right internet service provider for gaming. The most popular options for internet service providers in many areas are cable internet service providers (which provide service through the same cables used to deliver digital television and phone services) and DSL internet service providers (Digital Subscriber Line).

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a generic name for digital lines provided by telephone companies to local subscribers for internet access. DSL internet access across the country is generally provided by the telephone company in that particular area (AT&T, etc.). Phone companies generally provide a number of options for DSL internet access, but what is available to the public is often slower ADSL and SDSL services, rather than the faster VDSL technology.

Cable internet providers such as Charter Communications provide a faster raw speed than DSL, but those speeds can also be limited with speed caps placed upon the lines used for internet service. This means that cable companies offer different levels of service for different price points, with each price point increasing the amount of bandwidth available for clients.

Though cable internet service providers cap speeds, the higher raw speeds allow for higher download and upload speeds, up to 100 Mbps for downloads, which are ideal for gamers, especially those gamers who wish to be able to surf the web or enable multiple users in the home while gaming. Charter Communications, serving a large part of the country, has a residential internet service designed for online gamers, called Charter Internet Ultra.

While DSL and Cable internet service providers both provide great options for online gamers, those serious gamers should look into ultra-high-speed connections from Charter Communications and other cable providers in their areas.

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